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    I do not like the underwater node.


      European server admins, can you please put this on. I've only played it online with ridiculous pings.


        Originally posted by Bret Hart View Post
        I do not like the underwater node.
        Seconded, I never go for it unless I have a LOT of backup. I just feel like a big ol' target floating around there.

        I kinda have a love/hate thing with this map. I love that it's so vast and colorful and the atmosphere is **** good. I hate, though, that if you do not immediately recover at least one Prime, there's not much point spawning because the ensuing spam is going to ensure you never see the outside of your base again. Needs Cicadas to balance out the number of stationary ground targets, but that's just my humble opinion....

        Oh and I can't vote because all the options are basically the same thing, which is kind of pointless...


          It's very pretty and can be fun to play.

          But among other things, yeah I think the trees impede movement a bit annoyingly, and I don't think it should be possible to nail the core with tank fire from halfway across the map.


            The bunker node or tank node, should be a prime node and unlinked from the other prime nodes. That will make it harder to capture and less likely for someone to just jump in one of the 2 tanks and shoot at the core. Leave the center node or levi node, linked to everything. This can be done using an ini config file by someone with that knowledge.

            This is a fun map, but there is a learning curve and requires players to take the time to learn the map. Most of the complaints I have heard on vent relate to the ease of hitting the core.


              Originally posted by aFH_wikkid View Post
              its already cooked
              (for PS3)

              where do I download the PS3 map then (which must be called userdata.jam)

              there are 4 warfare maps on and this isnt one of them ?