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Calling out all the females that play Deathmatch

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    Originally posted by sickboogiemurder View Post
    im not a female but i've heard your name alot lately
    i want a match sometime
    are you down?
    yeah i'm down hit me up


      Originally posted by SKUNDERbau View Post
      lol i dont care if ur a guy or both, just come and meat me in warfare, cr4zy i will show you woman power, or r u still avoiding me, its no good hiding because i will find you.
      yeah um i don't play warfare... and i don't play PC... so your calling me out.. on systems neither of us both have UT for... i'd never get UT3 for the PC... i'm a console player. BUT anyways, i don't really appreciate your attitude of an ego... i wasn't trying to start anything but ****... "pros over hoes" very immature...shows how much you have respect for your own gender eh? i'm sure if you came to PS3 i'd show you a thing or two, and then you wouldn't be running your mouth like that. & as i said before... i don't play warfare... duels/tdm only... i guess you can't read huh? later... ima go beast it up in UT3 [PS3 community] like always =] i'm undefeated when it comes to all the females up in this community sweety.


        FINALLY i've been dueling females latley!

        PROPS TO:



        good games =]

        any more takers?


          *Seeking out duels with the female DM/TDM/DUELiSTS in the [[[PS3]]] community*

          -My Host atleast once & my opponesnt's
          -NO mutators
          -NO super pick-ups!
          -MUST have a Mic
          -MOST kills in 15 -wins

          please message me, thanks =]

          if anyone wishes to watch these games, also message me.