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    Originally posted by oldkawman1 View Post
    I do not believe this is an exploit at all. If the mapper did not want you to do this, there would be no ledge. Snipers do the same sort of thing in a variety of places on almost every map. It's fatal if you let go of the c key. Your also an easy target when discovered.
    Then you are a pillock.

    Mappers do not intentionally leave such things in maps, there is a volume there that damages you a ledge to avoid that is an oversight. If it's not bot pathed, usually it's not an area intended to be reached by the designers imo. As such that and a few others i'd class as exploits.


      The problem with #5:
      - you are not able to reach the core with your hoverboard
      - you get damage if you fall in the water

      - you are able to reach the core by using the ledge.

      See, it is 2:1, so in my eyes it's an exploit.
      It is extremely hard for a mapper to check everything.
      I bet plenty of tactics have been invited by players.
      However, some of the tactics can be exploits as well.

      If at least one mapper could confirm some things as exploits or features, it would be great.
      Unfortunately, it will never happen.
      That means we can only guess...



        Originally posted by Nightmare85 View Post
        The problem with #5:
        - you are not able to reach the core with your hoverboard
        - you get damage if you fall in the water

        - you are able to reach the core by using the ledge.

        See, it is 2:1, so in my eyes it's an exploit.
        I don't know if I agree or disagree about this being an exploit, but I don't think this "2:1" ratio should be used as an argument. You're inventing an arbitrary rule with imaginary statistics on how to determine whether or not something is an exploit, and positing your own biased evidence to lend credence to your point.

        I could do the same thing:

        - in 10 years of UT, using crouch has always been a game function that stops you from falling off ledges
        - although you can't reach the water in your hoverboard, you could still swim through the water while damaging the core before you die

        - bots don't use this path

        See, it is 2:1, so in my eyes it's not an exploit.

        That is total nonsense.

        Furthermore, the fact that a bot doesn't/can't do something in no way means it's an exploit -- hammer jumps, anyone? If we were restricted to bot movement, we would have a very boring game. And just because the mapper didn't intend for something to be doable also doesn't necessarily mean it's an exploit -- again, hammer jumps, anyone? Do you really think all mappers know exactly what types of trick jumps people will come up with on their maps?



          Okay, I see this "exploit vs. not an exploit" thing is not my best idea

          But you must honestly agree, it looks very unreal.
          And you don't even need to crouch, just walk over the invisible ledge.

          I think the bots don't use hammerjumps because Epic had no pleasure to code this.
          The bots aren't the smartest either way, so I cannot believe to see them using hammerjumps...
          Hammerjumps open new ways, yes, but this invisible ledge is beyond good and evil...

          Look, Epic made it possible for players to swim to the core.
          (Maybe for the Shaped Charge, no idea, we can only guess.)
          Once you are in water and reach the core, you die.
          There is (as far as I know) no reason to camp on the core.
          Using the hoverboard is (as said) not possible because you will be repulsed by a gravity (not sure if it's the right word.)

          This invisible ledge is just a side effect.
          Too bad I cannot prove it 100%.



            I've made a couple maps, and I fully believe that the ledge was unintentional and technically an exploit, although not one that I would ever waste my energy enforcing.

            The designer created the core area to look a certain way. He aligned the lower meshes with the upper meshes so that they looked good, the way he liked it. Imo, he didn't realize that the collision for the lower mesh extended past the collision of the upper mesh by a tiny amount. Or if he did realize it, never expected someone to crawl back there carefully and camp on the core. If he really wanted there to be a path back there, he would hvae made it larger and more obvious.

            What's a pillock?


              Okay, good to see a mapper's opinion

              You ask what a pillock is?
              Well, my translator says: idiot, fool
              However, I doubt cr4zy wanted to insult oldkawman1 that much



                Some more

                Already 2016... I've visited this topic very long ago too, before 2013 for sure. But now I have my own forum where I also go through some stock-maps.
                I've read all posts again to give my opinion.

                Getting at/behind Blue Core: I agree with it being an exploit.
                Seeing the ways there has been tried to prevent players from getting there, it shouldn't be possible.
                If it's a feature, then map creators just add hidden paths/launchers/advantages for themselves, I think that's lame.
                I've tried to get on Redeemer tower by using the hoverboard and hammerjump, wasn't able. I don't remember if the mountains
                were different in past (before patches), or I just suck. xD

                In my practice server I've explored stock maps for quite some time with some players, trying to find new ways/options/glitches.
                Most findings are gathered in my map-topics on my forum. For Islander I have some like:
                > Using shape on both cores (using roof/ledge) + get behind Blue Core (quite safe too).
                For the few/short chances Blue usually has to damage core, the shape blow is massive.
                > Getting on both roofsides of Red team, being able to kill Vehicles/attack Prime Node.
                > Use Goliath to cross all barricades and get to Core.
                > Use launchpad in middle of map to get on rocky bridge, hard to hit by camping vehicles.
                Some of these were known by many players already, but never mentioned here.
                See my topic for details on those findings. I have 2560x1440 supportive HQ images