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WAR-Islander: A comprehensive guide

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    WAR-Islander: A comprehensive guide

    This is a guide I wrote for my own clan back in April. Now pretty much everything in here is common knowledge, so there's no longer any incentive to keep it private. Enjoy! I gaurantee you no matter your skill level you will learn something from this guide.

    These forums shrink my screen shots down, so if you want to see the fill shot just click the pic.

    Vehicle side

    Defending the prime node
    The vehicle side controls the prime node most of the time, and must defend against
    attacks by the enemy orb carrier. The orb MUST stay and defend the prime node.
    The only other use for it would be to cap air node, but the circumstances must be
    perfect or dire. When you get the chance be sure to grab the AVRIL just below prime in
    case you have to deal with a raptor. Expect the enemy orb to come from any direction
    (I go over the routes below). Use the radar to determine which way they are coming. A
    properly timed shock combo may prevent you from ever having to see your oppenent.
    Don't be afraid to fall on the enemy orb as it will take far longer for the enemy orb
    to make it back than it will take you to pick up yours again.

    A tank or Paladin should be planted between the prime node and the core to take care of
    orb carriers and other attackers. If you choose Paladin be prepared to use the shield
    to protect the core rather than attack.

    Any 1 vehicle should go for air node. You'll have to take it the long way underneath
    the enemy turrets. For this to be successful you have to suppress the turrets first.
    Everyone on foot should go for them straight away as it only takes two AVRILs. Once at air node a tank is nearly undefeatable as long as it is kept faithfully healed.
    Besides protecting the node, the tank can also land shells directly on the enemy AVRIL
    spawn, denying them that essential weapon.

    Due to it's fast speed and spammy weapon the Hellbender has many applications on this
    map. It can be used to snipe from the hill next to prime. It can be use to deny the
    enemy the high ground in the middle. Just set it in front of the jump pad underneath
    the AVRIL ammo and fire three skymine combos at a time. Anyone jumping up there will
    be annihilated. In a pinch it can be used to cover the prime node. It should be moved
    around to keep the enemy on their toes.

    DO NOT give the enemy a vehicle. It's far better to die with it.

    *Update 08/08
    Keep an eye on the Air Node and pay attention to if and when the enemy gains control of it. As soon as it goes up you can be pretty sure there's going to be Raptors taking off to take out your tanks. Have an AVRIL in the air and ready to take them down once the Air node goes up.

    Air node suppression
    Controlling the air node is a boon for sure. However preventing the enemy from
    building the node and getting the raptors is even more important than having the
    raptors. The air node can be hit from areas all over the vehicle side. From the AVRIL
    spawn the tank (and people on foot I suppose) can hit the air node. It is also a great
    place to take out an enemy orb carrier making the jump to air node:
    The tank can also hit it from the other side, but it requires that the tank be just
    barely exposed to the turrets. However people on foot can strike it with impunity:
    As you'll soon figure out, I LOVE ROUTES. Here's another one that enables you to
    get to air node even if you can't make it to the jump pad.

    Attacking the enemy core
    Great, now we have an impenetrable barrier of vehicles, strategy and skill. Now all
    that's left to do is attack the enemy core. There are three routes in.

    Route #1:
    Flying the raptor in is the easiest route. Ideally towing someone, fly low directly
    from the air node to the inner left wall of the enemy base. With luck you'll make it
    in before you're struck by 2 AVRILs. If you make it in to attack the core, try not to
    jump out of the raptor too early. You'd like the enemy to destroy it after you bail.

    *Update 08/08
    There are several ledges above the Turret tracks you can drop the Raptor on near the core that will prevent the enemy from stealing it.

    Route #2:
    Right in the front door underneath the enemy AVRIL spawn is the simplest route.
    However the enemy is constantly flooding past this point making it also the most
    dangerous. The best way to approach it is to come from the south and hug the wall.
    Often times the enemy will jump over you and never realize you passed under their nose. If there is a rocket turret covering this entrance you will have to hit the first jump
    pad if it doesn't kill you first. Then make your way around the left side as you are
    less likely to bump into someone.

    Route #3:
    My favorite route is the most complicated and difficult. If you make it successfully
    it is also the most direct and least dangerous. Marked on the map below accompanied by a screen shot is a medium difficulty hoverboard jump. Try to ramp up the slope and hop off the hoverboard at the height of the jump. There is another spot to the left of the
    one marked that also works. Just use the one you feel better at.
    If you cannot make the jump at all, there is another easier but more exposed way up.
    Past the jump but before the barricade there is a series of ledges, marked in red
    below. Again a hoverboard jump is necessary to get up, but it's a much easier one. If
    you are up to it a more difficult but faster jump is marked in green.
    Okay! You've completely step 1. o.O Make your way towards the enemy base, staying out of sight if you have to. The rocket turret can be a problem, but it doesn't take much
    damage to discourage him usually. Here's where it gets tricky. To get from 1 to 2
    requires you be on your hoverboard, but due to the terrain it's hard to hit the right
    spot. Do a double jump to get from 2 to 3. To get from 3 to 4, you have to run pretty
    close to the edge and do a double jump. Landing on the little platform farther from
    you is hard as it's a very small spot to land on. If you land on the large ledge
    before it you will not be able to get where you need to be. Do a SINGLE jump from 4 to
    5, as a double jump will cause you to hit the building above you fall to the ground.

    The green route is a hammer jump if you can do one. So you say, why go through all
    that if all I had to do is hammer jump? I can't do one so I had to figure out this
    convoluted route.

    Lastly, the redeemer cannot be guided into the core, it hits a barrier that reflects it
    away. It should be carried in and dumb fired.

    Fortress side

    Defending the base
    The shock turrets should used to cover the kill zone in front of the air node and also
    to cover the front door. The rocket turrets I don't usually use but are most effective
    against raptors attacking the core. There should be a dedicated sniper covering the
    area in front of the base and also Route #3 discussed above. This person is also on
    raptor duty and the AVRIL ammo should be reserved for him. Usually it's only possible
    to land one AVRIL per person before the raptor gets in so anyone else should also send
    one up. A tank going to air node is an emergency and anyone in the area should drop
    what they are doing and take it out before it gets up there.

    *Update 08/08
    Keep an eye on Air Node. If and when the enemy gains control of it you can be sure there will be Raptors taking off soon to attack your base. Have an AVRIL out and ready to go once Air node is up.

    Attacking the enemy core
    The fortress side is at a disadvantage because their core is almost always vulnerable.
    The way to win is to take their core out quick before they can sneak enough past you to
    kill the core. The air node is very important as it makes taking out the tanks much
    easier and provides a safe route for the orb.

    Vehicle control is essential! Sans raptors the AVRIL is the best way to control
    vehicles. Here is a grand tip: AVRILs can be "hijacked" by an ally if you do not lock
    on a target within 2 seconds of firing. Thus is makes AVRIL volleys possible with only
    1 person vulnerable. If four people fire an AVRIL up over the middle island and a
    single person jump pads up he can lock all four AVRILs and take out a tank in
    ONE shot. Otherwise try and get high ground on the tanks so there is nothing
    behind you to be splashed from. The hill south of prime node is good for attacking
    tanks behind prime. Also from the 50 shield island there is a land bridge that makes a
    great attack point.

    Orb Route #1:
    Leave the base via the turret tracks. Then jump down on the north side and go up the
    hill to air node. Do not go up the middle directly to the jump pad because you will
    almost certainly be killed, and at the least inform the enemy from which direction
    you're coming from.
    If this route is undesirable there is a way to get to the jump pad at air node with
    minimal exposure. In front of the island with the shaped charge, use this hoverboard
    Then from there it's only a short distance to the jump pad. However if this route is
    blocked you'll either have to backtrack or go left and up the middle which is rarely
    recommended. There is a jump pad at air node that throws you to the island with the 50
    shield directly next to prime node. From here you have four good choices. Jump down
    onto the ledge directly below (where a smart player will have a shock combo waiting for
    you) or do a double jump/dodge to the ledges to the left and right. You'll want to be
    sure there's no tank behind prime node otherwise you have no choice than to try and
    take it out first. The fourth option is to do a hoverboard jump onto the roof of the
    building, from which you can use any entrance or drop down through the hole in the

    Orb Route#2:
    Leave the base going by the southern barricade this time. Pass the barricade and go up
    the hill next to prime node. You can go around the left side or you can do a
    hoverboard jump up the right side.
    Once up there you do a hoverboard jump or a dodge over to the ledge. The only problem with this route is that it is extremely predictable as there's only one ledge to jump onto. There are other ways to mix it up, but those two are the primary routes.

    I did it! I capped the prime node! But now I'm dead. Now what?
    You are pretty much guaranteed to die on an orb run. Your only hope is that your team
    has set up in firing positions as you capped. The core can be hit from the 50 shield
    island or from the hill to the south. From the middle island there are two points that
    can strike the core from a distance, one by the AVRIL ammo and one in front of the
    shaped charge. The one on the left also extends to the ground in front of the island.

    Alright, that's all I got! I expect all of you to be the MVP of the pubs now.

    *Update 08/08
    Two little tidbits that have been discovered recently that have limited use but are effective in certain circumstances.

    If there's a vehicle at Air node and you need to take it out there is a sneaky way to do so. Leaving the fortress follow the Turret tracks out towards Air node. Close to the end is a couple of crates stacked. A fully charged Impact Hammer jump will get you from the crates to the top of that structure. From there you can hit vehicles at Air Node. You're above Air Node, so tanks will not be able to hit you with splash damage.

    Near the Sniper Rifle spawn in the fortress and right where the Rocket Turret tracks stick out from the fortress a little you can snipe directly into the prime node building. Great for taking out the orb carrier from across the map. You can also hit the core with the Sniper Rifle as well. It's not much damage, but if you don't have time to get somewhere else you can snag a couple of points of damage. No other weapon makes the distance, except maybe Stinger alt fire.

    War-Islander - Features or Exploits?

    *Update 11/09
    A year and a half later! Thank you Nightmare for providing a fully illustrated addition to this guide.

    I think we all know this maps gives players many possibilities.
    It is not as limited as other maps.
    So it may be difficult to say what an exploit is and what not.

    1. Redeemer can be reached without using a Raptor.
    Just get on the hoverboard and move over the water until you reach the jump pad place.
    After that you get again on the hoverboard to go to another place near the big platform.
    Now you can use the hammer jump to get on one edge.
    From the edge you can reach the Redeemer.

    2. Airnode can be arrived by a backdoor way
    You can jump on a rock near the trees.
    Then you can walk or hover on it.
    At the and you can either make a hammer jump or jump with the hoverboard.
    Now you will be on the Airnode.
    Theoretically, you can reach the Airnode by many other ways, only with hammer jumps.
    (Just on the other cliffs.)

    3. Going to east core #1
    Near the Airnode (Sniper place) you can use the hoverboard or the hammer to get on the cliffs.
    After that you will reach the turrets.
    You could reach these places when you hang on a Raptor as well.

    4. Going to east core #2
    Just make a hoverboard jump to reach the big cliffs.
    From there you will have a lot of freedom.
    With a hammer jump you can easily enter the east core side.

    5. Camping near and at the east core (water)
    You cannot use your hoverboard, because you will be pushed away by the gravity.
    However, you can move crouched very close to the left wall.
    You can reach the core and you can camp there.

    6. Camping on the Prime Node roof
    From the place, where the armor is, you just jump and get on the hoverboard.
    From this place you could destroy the tank with C4 or annoying the orb carrier with grenades etc.


    Originally posted by bclagge View Post
    I gaurantee you no matter your skill level you will learn something from this guide.
    I learned never to go up against you in an MS Paint battle.




        Wow! Awsome! Yes, many cool things like tactics and routes. I learned some very interesting stuff from your guide. Answers the nagging questions, were did he come from and how do I get there.

        That is much more detailed than my version.

        vehicle side ->
        n00bs + tank = lose
        n00bs + bender = lose
        n00bs + orb = lose

        fortress side ->
        air node + teamwork = only chance to win
        n00bs + orb = lose

        both sides ->
        raptor = redeemer access


          Really nice guide bclagge, great work. I'd recomend joining up to just forums too. They have some excellent guides and vidclips in thier members only forum sections covering lots of routes and other strats for all the main Warfare and VCTF maps. Thanks again.


            I knew just about everything in this guide expect for those great multiple hoverboard/hammer jumps. Thanks so much!


              Nice, but I have more!

              This is the best/safest way up on the rocks. Ignore all others, unless you're on defense side.

              Hoverboard up on the roof and you can fire down on the orb carrier/node.

              Hammerjump here (or hoverboard jump if you can) and you get a nice view of the entire field.

              Hoverboard jump up to the armour without going to air. This is mostly useless, but you get awesome points if you do it during a match.


                ROFL at oldkawman. Your guide is 100% accurate!

                Thanks Moonblood, I didn't know about that last one. There's always more to know about Islander!


                  Moonblood is definitely awesome with paint and smiley faces! And on the second picture, that little swirl do i spin around then fire on the node? I'm comfuzed! lols.


                    this warfare thing intrigues me...


                      Great guide._ I cant be sure but i think i invented the slope n jump to the step n then balconylike to blue core. Im doinit for many months now( really many ).It served me well for a long time . Really nice guide again !


                        Very nice guide!
                        But, theres something from me to.

                        By gaining this roof, u can attack enemy units hiding around the hill or base, also with ability to attack enemy prime node from back.


                          Teams being equal the vehicle side usually win, I think it may be interesting if both sides could have two orbs at the same time in play or even 2:1(2 for turret team) as the turret side's chances are totally dependent on who is taking the orb(I'd be interested to see the 2:1 idea game tested)


                            By gaining this roof, u can attack enemy units hiding around the hill or base, also with ability to attack enemy prime node from back.
                            That one I did not know. Thanks!


                              I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but you can take the raptor over to an island over in the water. There is a redeemer there, which is oven pivotal for either side in causing massive damage to the cores, depending on the pilot's skill.

                              I pride myself in being able to hit the Fortress core dead on with just a controller.