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Sept 6th Saturday Back to School "We Own Your Core" Custom Map Warfare Party

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    Originally posted by nomadicus View Post
    Good to see you oldkawman1. You are Bobba_Novis?! We played just last night. Cool.
    Not a bad idea. I'll run it by the others. Thanks
    Yes, it's me Bobba_Novis, I am almost always playing every nite. Many very good matches last night, very competative, many excellent players.


      Originally posted by TheVoid34 View Post
      Oh cool!
      Does the map list have any new maps that BGE's Warfare party didn't have? If so, which maps? (I'm trying to avoid a huge download again if I don't need it)
      separate links will be posted to the maps that werent in BGE's party currently those maps are all being worked on so no links available yet. Or you can get the map pack for this party..


        Thank you all for the sweet response.

        I am dealing with this Storm Fay and nice to see good peeps post.


          I can't believe how many businesses closed in my area because of Fay. It's just raining on the east coast of FL, but schools are closed and half the businesses in my plaza weren't open today.


            i have a good ping not that good but i can play good i will
            be there\


              Maybe put the date and day of the week in the thread title?


                I call dibs to be the captian of the Yellow Team!


                  I'm there!


                    A must to-do list!! count me in!!


                      Originally posted by TheVoid34 View Post
                      Maybe put the date and day of the week in the thread title?
                      Great idea

                      Thank you


                        I'll do my best to make it Doz, be gentle though, I'm a DMer!


                          Originally posted by Dozinator View Post
                          Great idea

                          Thank you
                          Hey, no problem. Is anyone going to be in your vent server tonight? I'll come say hello.


                            Originally posted by Dozinator View Post
                            T5K proudly announces
                            The Back to School "We Own Your Core" Custom Map Warfare Party

                            The Back to School "We Own Your Core" Custom Map Warfare Party is brought to you by T5K,, and Viper Servers,

                            Saturday, September 6, 2008 starting at Noon.
                            This will be an all day, all night event.

                            This event is for everyone not just the players. We invite not only UT3 DM, VCTF, CTF, and WAR players, but anyone that simply wants to hang out, have some fun and laughter, or spectate the mayhem! To that end, a number of spectator slots will be available on both servers. Players and friends of the community can chat, watch, or listen in our multi-channel Ventrilo.

                            Custom Warfare MapPack
                            We will be providing a Warfare install mappack. This mappack will contain numerous custom Warfare maps both large and small.
                            With the success of BGE's August 2nd, 2008 custom map party, we have expanded the mayhem with a 32 player server. Why? Almost everyone agreed, the large custom maps are best played 16v16!

                            We are searching the mapping community for the best of the best large maps for our 32 man server. While 16v16 action is great, we will have a smaller 12v12 server for the less chaotically inclined. All maps, large, small, and in-between, will be on both servers.

                            Map Selection and MapPack Testing
                            Mappack testing (on T5K's test server no less) is on going and the final MapPack download is expected to be available September 4th or earlier. If you wish to participate in the testing, PM Nomadicus at but read this post first:

                            Special Event of the Night
                            At some point during the evening, we should have a sizable crowd in Ventrilo. We will split up into two teams for a PUG style competition. Using Ventrilo, captains will be nominated and voted upon with teams chosen shortly after. Once teams are picked, the action will take place on the 32 player server with demorec turned on plus 8 spectator slots.

                            We will demorec this Special Event just in case an inspired movie maker wants to create a "We Own Your Core" movie.

                            Play your favorite large map early in the day and plan an amazing strat. Support your team and captain!

                            Server Details
                            This event will have a very powerful 32 Player, 8 Spectator server from Vipers Servers located in Dallas, TX.
                            A second server 24 Player, 4 Spectator server is also from Vipers Servers and is located in Chicago, IL.
                            These excellent servers are provided by Tom of Vipers Servers
                            Tom gives T5K and all his customers 110% (<==shamless plug for a guy that has never let us down).

                            Server #1 IP:
                            Server Name: {T5K} Server32 - We Own Your Core Custom Map Party - 06-Sep-2008 only!
                            Location: Dallas, TX USA 32 Player, 8 Spectator Monster Machine

                            Server #2 IP:
                            Server Name:{T5K} Server24 - We Own Your Core Custom Map Party - 06-Sep-2008 only!
                            Location: Chicago, IL USA 24 Player server


                            From now until September 5th
                            Chat with us before the event in Ventrilo.
                            Ventrilo Information: {T5K} 50 Man Ventrilo
                            Ventrilo Server: IP:

                            September 6th "We Own Your Core"
                            The T5K Ventrilo host provider is giving us a 100 man Ventrilo for this event.
                            IP information will be posted on Sept 5, 2008 or sooner.
                            If we pack it full this full, T5K will take a screenshot and post it at Epic.

                            Final Thoughts
                            Everyone is welcome to join our T5K Ventrilo to chat with those players you frag on a regular basis. More details will be posted before Sep 6, 2008.
                            cool i might join


                              Originally posted by Flak View Post
                              I'll do my best to make it Doz, be gentle though, I'm a DMer!
                              I got your back Flak. No one is going to touch you.


                                Originally posted by bclagge View Post
                                There are a handful of maps that were not available for the BGE map party. Once the map list is finalized I'll see if I can get T5k to make an additional supplemental map pack that excludes any map that was at the BGE map party. Or I'll do it myself since they've already got their hands full with getting everything else ready.

                                This is gonna be a blast!
                                Many of the beta maps we played have new versions as well. I have been finding that out, 1%, 2%, 3%, of 45 Mb, snooz. Smedley fixed WAR-Lakeside and released the final version of that one.