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Have a few noobie questions, please help.

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    Have a few noobie questions, please help.

    Me and my group of friends went out and bought Unreal 3 due to the fact we enjoy FPS games and playing games together.

    So my greefs with the game is simply the matchmaking system(im an xbox 360 player).

    I cant figure out how to make a game that will let me have all my friends on my team from the start. What ends up happening is a few of my friends end up on my team then a few on the other. Now I have bots turned on but they still cannot join my team.

    I do see small messages saying my friend is requesting to join my team but I dont know what to push to let him join my team.

    Its very frustrating to not have a party system. I thought they knew this after they made GoW. I am not bashing the game, its an amazing game, but I cant play it with friends and it makes it not fun at all.

    I tried looking all over for a thread about the same problems and looked in the instructions with no luck. Hopefully I can help soon.

    Thanks, I am playing on the Xbox 360 version btw.

    if its the same as the pc, you can do anything
    a tip to play togheter: join a empty server, then switch anytime the teams become uneven so youll end up on the same team
    if you want to play you vs the others join a server which has a capability of double of you ^^
    hope it helped