Hello Everyone,

MOB (Masters of Battle) is now recruiting for Warfare on PC. We play for fun, we also compete in the UGL ladder. Some of our players play and compete in the UT2k4 freezetag ladders.

We have 2 UT3 servers up and we also have vent:

Server 1: MOB_NJ (
Server 2: MOB_Server (

Vent Info.
IP: vent4.gameservers.com
Port: 4302

Your can drop by our web site to find more information about us and be sure to drop by our forums and say hello. Feel free to join our vent and chat with us sometime, I am usually on vent more in the evening, after 6 p.m. EST.

Masters of Battle Website: http://www.mastersofbattle.net
MOB Forums: http://mobsnipers.com/mobforum

We are looking for players who like to play Warfare (but not limited to Warfare), play for fun, mature and don't mind to compete in the ladder matches. I hope to be seeing/talking to you soon.