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Hope for Unreal Tournament 3?

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  • Hope for Unreal Tournament 3?

    People are making maps and mods, but no one is playing. There's like 500 players on, compared to 4000 players in UT2k4. Speaking of which there's 6000 player in Quake 3...

    I don't know how many people are playing on consoles.

    I'm just hoping that when Epic is done with GOW2 they'll put some attention back into UT3 and maybe make an expansion pack or, GOTY, oh wait, it's not game of the year...

    Why don't they revamp the interface, get rid of the color filter, and add some new game modes. Give the fans what they're used to.

    Of course that still doesn't fix it. UT2k4 was fast and fun. UT3 is fun too, but something is missing. And until it's fixed I just say whatever and go back to Ut2k4 and hope that some cool mod will come out for UT3 that's worth playing with others.