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ATTENTION NEW PLAYERS....UT3 Hints,Tips,andTricks

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    ATTENTION NEW PLAYERS....UT3 Hints,Tips,andTricks

    Hi there... I’m delirious and you may have seen me on the UMG servers. As I’ve learned playing against crazy good players can be difficult and frustrating! is a thread meant to help you new players out
    I created this thread because I saw several threads about noobs quitting. in fact this is the thread that made me think about making this one
    I also made this because I have seen too many easy to kill people and I want a good I like to see people get encouraged to play because they win sometimes
    And as I read things I will add the others suggestions made by other players...AND THX ahead of time people who gave suggestions
    -UT3 is a fast paced game and can be very hard to grasp in the eyes of a new FPS player. You need to know the "physics" of the game to be able to win. You need to learn the guns, maps, and vehicles of the game. Then you need to learn the players!...NEVER STOP MOVING

    -Dodging-This is one of the most important pieces of the game...Master dodging and master a sense.
    ALSO NEVER STOP MOVING. If you stand still you are a sitting duck and have avery little chance. So dodge, jump and move everywhere, even if your not really going to any specific location.However this is a 99% true statement. On the morbias station, it is a better strategy to stand in one area and kill people instead of mobing around to much. Still ill leave it up to you to decide when to move or not.
    Also, dodge off the walls. Dodging off walls gives you an advantage because you are not only harder to hit, but you also are moving to where you are going in a safe way.

    -Tactics-As you progress through play you need to learn some tactics on how to kill and not be killed. A good way to do this is to play against bots starting on the lowest bot setting (or where you can win by at least 15) on deathmatch and progressing only when you win by a big number. Then when you’ve done that, you should try out online play. DONT go straight into online play and expect to be good. Though I’m not telling you that you can’t

    -Game types-Know each game type and the best^^^tactics^^^ to use while playing. knowing each one can help you get as many points as you can
    ----Warfare- Warfare can be a very fun gametype, yet can be very frustrating to an unexperienced player.
    -Here are some general tips-
    -Dont take the orb until you know how to use it-
    -Dont always destroy the enemy orb, unless you feel it right...So you can delay the amount of time the enemy team has an orb-
    -Always, keep an eye out-(make sure that you destroy the other team whenever you get the chance{that chance should only be when your at an advantage...aka dont go killing people when your obviously outmatched})
    -PLAY AS A TEAM-Just because you dont have a lot of points doesnt mean your not helping...There are plenty of things you can do that dont gain points yet are essential to winning-
    ----vCTF-VCTF is a very fun, but very team oriented game that thrives off the ability of the team to work together.
    -Dont kill your own vehicles-As i have often said in this post, dont use vehicles just to die...learn to use them from other players
    -PLAY AS A TEAM- I find myself saying this again because it is crucial that you work together... One player by themselves isnt going to do much against a well orgainized team.
    -Pick up jump boots to make a quick, easy get away-
    -Find a buddy or two- Get teammates to help you on your return home
    ----CTF-CTF is a fun way to test your skill at running away.
    -This is another great example of when you would need to know the maps- Find the fastest route home
    -Make sure that you are doing all that you can to help your team at all times-
    -If you do baby-gaurd then dont stay in the same spot-if you do you will only get killed faster
    -Also if someone is baby gaurding, go to the enemy base with a partner and have one take them out while the other grabs the flag-
    ----DM-Deathmatch is the original ut idea.
    -Always keep your eyes open-Watch everywhere, because if there are more than 5 players, most maps are crowded.
    -Be on the move- Like i said earlier, NEVER STOP MOVING. if you stop moving , you are easier to hit and less of a threat.
    -Another critical gametype for weapon and pickup placement-Know WHERE THINGS ARE!!!
    ----TDM- Most of the same rules as DM apply.
    -Play in groups-Ive always found it helpful to stay nearby teamates in groups so that you can easily take out single enemies while keeping your own loses at a minimum.
    ----Duel-In Duel, the most important knowledge you can have isnt even a sure thing. Predicting where your opponent will be is the main skill at hand
    -If you know the map flow-Knowing the flow of the map allows you to predict where enemies wil be and there for gives you the advantage.

    -General info-Press shift to avoid falling off edges

    -Every weapon has two firing modes(as I’m sure you have figured out by now). However you need to master both of each weapon to be sure that you can kill someone with even the enforcer by itself! I suggest that you play instant action only using one weapon until you get a good feel for each one and when(and how) to use it
    -Different Weapons-Different Weapons are better against others than some. Learn to use what when the situation is right to give you the advantage of the fight. Ex. Iv'e always found that useing the link gun against the stinger is very good

    ---Impact Hammer- Yes I know the impact hammer is fun, but don’t get too carried away because you’ll just end up ******* people off. Also the secondary fire can know enemy vehicles out, and knock off powerups from players. (Very handy in fearless)

    ---Enforcer-A primary weapon you shouldn't run around the map with for too long. Yes, it is amazing with dual and berserk but don’t get hog-wild...unless you really want to. It is actually quite good against a few other weapons like the sniper rifle and link gun (I’ve found this to be true, but you may have different experiences). Learn what each gun is good against and you’ll be just fine

    ---Bio-Rifle-For one I love the bio because you can plop it on to enemies and watch them explode! The secondary fire is by far one of the most lethal in the game if used right though it takes some skill to drop it onto them just right. The primary is good if you know an enemy is already damaged and is near to death. Feel free to fire away if you know that!

    ---Shock Rifle-the Shock rifle has three ways to use it. Primary- The shock beam is very handy when enemies are mid-distance away because it takes three shots to kill and is quite easy to aim. Secondary- The shock core is very slow but good with aim. If you lead an opponent and hit them one shock beam is all it takes from there. Also if you are in tight quarters use it at close range...though you should watch out and make sure you don’t kill yourself while you’re at it(I find myself doing quite often).-Combo-The shock combo is an amazing way to own people. If you master where people are going to be, then you can quite easily kill them. This is by far the most effective way to kill people in UT3 (other than the redeemer)

    ---Link Gun-The link gun is very handy in more than one way. The primary deals a bunch more damage than the beam so if you are close enough...POUND them with link bullets. Also you can use the beam if they are within range, but far enough away to be hard to hit with primary. In warfare (as I’m sure you know) you can use the link gun to heal nodes and vehicles. USE THIS INFO. Healing the tank on tank crossing is ESSENTIAL.

    ---Stinger-The mini-gun is one of the best hit scan guns in the game. You can use the primary fire to kill just about any enemy in any situation. The secondary may be slow but is very good to use in tight situations.

    ---Flak Cannon-The flak C. is one of the best weapons for close range combat. However the firing rate is not the fastest so take your time before you shoot. Otherwise you may find yourself getting killed before you may take another shot. The secondary fire is amazing for middistant opponents. Its splash damage is high and most direct shots will kill an enemy. However be careful not to kill yourself seeing as how it is quite easy to do!

    ---Rocket Launcher-the rocket Launcher is one of the best in the game due to its damage level and the fact that is has splash damage. Primary is good against 1v1 combat and shooting at nodes in warfare. Secondary comes in two ways. The spiral, which is amazing for loading up and blowing the **** out of people, and grenades, which are good for lofting into places you think someone may be, or can’t shoot directly. Also in most cases one rocket shot to the face or body will kill someone.. Another thing is that the lock-on feature can come very handy for long shots. I also find myself laoding up rockets just in case very often, so thatif someone were to walk around the corner...well you get the idea. However that does run out of ammo quickly so use that tactic sparingly.

    ---Sniper Rifle-The sniper rifle is a great weapon for distance, and if masters can let you kill just about anybody. Also, being a hit scan weapon is good even without the zoom if you take your time with shots. Also note that if you stand still to shoot, your hitbox on your head increases in size, making you an easier headshot for ive heard.

    ---AVRiL-the AVRiL is a crazy good against just about every vehicle. However it takes more shot on some than others. Like it takes several on the Dark walker and Goliath but only one on the manta and viper. (Assuming a direct hit) And with its lock-on mode it can be very handy. However just because you can lock0on doesn’t mean you should shoot when you do. Mantas and vipers are very fast and most of the time are not going right at you so DONT shoot (even if locked on) because they will be out of view soon and you will waste one of your shots. And that is a necessity because you only get a few shots in the first place (without ammo) . Also I note that somoene said that you can lock-on after firing wich can keep the enemy from letting them know they are locked onto, and you can get wierd abgles of say you pop one into the air and then see a vehicle, you can lockon and blow them up.

    ---Redeemer-Ahhh the redeemer. The most fun-to-use weapon in the game. You can pulverize anyone, just about anywhere. However, watch out to not kill yourself because it is very easy (learn the blast radius) However, not only is it good for monster kills, it is essential in VCTF and Warfare. I don’t know how many times I have been ****** off because someone shot a redeemer at my core when it was vulnerable, and lost. Also if you need a node cleared, and don’t have an orb, use the redeemer (assuming you can get your hands on it). In vCTF you can use it kill off pesky baby-guarders so you can snatch the flag and run! Also if a pesky hellbender, or paladin or what not is ******* you off (having killed you several times, the redeemer is the way to...redeem yourself.(Another note, the leviathan wont be destroyed with one redeemer shot.

    Third-PICK-UPS- Every map has pickups...USE them
    -AMMO- always pickups ammo if you see it, so just in case you need it, you have it. However you may need to save certain ammo for teammates. Also try not to waste your ammo just in case it isn't there when you go to pick it up!

    -Health-they can be very handy if you know where they are when you need them. Also vials are very handy, allowing you to gain more than 100 health. The Super-health is also very good item to pick up for a very obvious reason.

    -ARMOR-Take all the armor you can get for another very obvious reason. Know their placements, and respawn times is very good to know and essential to living.

    -Super-Pickups-These items are very good to pickup because they can help you greatly indeed. However these are not only good to pickup, but watch where they spawn because they are hotspots for players. I don’t know how many times I have shock comboed the Double Damages area in defiance randomly and killed someone waiting for it.

    -Others-There are other pickups like the shape charge, and slow field, that are both fun and effective, however learn to use them as well because they can greatly help your team achieving goals.

    Fourth-KNOW MAPS
    -Knowing maps can be one of your most important reasons for winning. Not only knowing where things are (weapons, Pickups) but also being able to predict where players are going. If someone on deck dodges into the portal, you know where their general area of location is going to be and you should react accordingly!!!

    -Also in Warfare especially know the quickest way to nodes, for that can save you precious time. However if time isn’t an issue, and you are carrying the orb, take the safest (out of the way) route so you don’t get killed and cost your team dearly.

    -Also know the quickest, yet safest way to transport the flag back home.

    -Fifth-Vehicles-Know how to use each and every vehicle. And know where and when to use them as well. If you see a manta and you’ve got a scorpion, hop in and own them with the primary fire. Learn to use the self destruct in vipers and scorpions because it can save your life numerous times.

    ---Defense-Know that if your core is vulnerable than you should keep healthy, and good vehicles nearby. (Manned, of course). Such as in downpour, if your core is vulnerable than you should back a paladin into the core room and use the shield. Also many mantas try to go in and destroy things, keep the scorpion. Learning where and when to use vehicles is very important in team game play. For one so you don’t waste the raptor flying into the enemy base just to get blown up, but also so you don’t **** off your teammates who know how to use them. If you don’t know how to use them just watch teammates who do, and then act accordingly.

    Well that’s about it for now if you learned anything new then great, if you didn’t well then...good job I guess.

    -Here are some links to other helpfull threads and sites-
    -Deals with general ettique for warfare
    -And this one deals with tank Crossing, however may be halpfull for all warfare maps.
    THX Oldkawman1 for those last two links
    -Heres one that has a lot of help with vehicles...and not-dying

    If there are any things I forgot please go ahead and post them here and let’s hope that every gets at least a little better!
    Lemme know if you think something is wrong as well!

    Good write up,
    A few suggestions if you really want this to fly.
    Firstly. maybe expand on the dodging skills EG: wall dodge, double dodge, Jump boot dodge.
    Secondly, put your work through a spell checker. There are tons of spelling errors, which make reading a bit difficult.
    If you don't have a program such as Word, check out open office (google it) it's free.
    Thanks for the efforts dude, it's a great start.(Firefox actually has spell check built right in I think, if not, you can add it on, no idea about IE)
    Also be open to others suggestions\tactics. there's some crazy good players out there.


      nice job! now just a suggestion but maybe change the removed line in the first paragraph as that is enough to scare some ppl from reading your otherwise very good tip n tricks message once again - good work... catch ya on umg someday.


        Originally posted by UnrealGrrl View Post
        nice job! now just a suggestion but maybe change the removed line in the first paragraph as that is enough to scare some ppl from reading .
        haha yea i guess your right.
        And the reason there are spelling errors is because i tried to write this fast so yea ill fix them but other than that thanks for the posts

        EDIT- Fixed grammatical errors.


          ohh, good summary!
          Hoping that new players will learn a lot reading that

          Good job, dude


            Originally posted by D3L1R10US View Post
            -AMMO- always pickups ammo if you see it, so just incase you need it, you have it
            There is an exception for WARFARE:
            Do not pick up the sniper ammo just to pick it up unless it's in an enemy controlled area. If you do not use the sniper, leave the ammo for your team mates who do.


              well im not a nooby but illcheck it out!


                Also to people viewing...please try to leave other tips for players! thx and i noticed flak edited it for me UnrealGrrl lmao


                  scorpion balls auto homes onto vipers,mantas and any1 on a hoverboard and raptors

                  redeemer cant take out a leviathan. redeemer can be shot down with a well placed shot (from tips on loading screen)

                  pick up ammo only from ammo stations... dont pick up all ammo u see coz u need to leave some for ur team mates as well like the other dude said.

                  combining a double damage and berserk gives u juggernaut

                  press shift to prevent falling of edges

                  shoot and avril and then lock instead of locking and then shooting coz some skilled players jump out based on the length of warning beep it gives.

                  most vehicles have multiple modes of fire and operation.

                  have fun


                    Originally posted by Sam Stride View Post
                    scorpion balls auto homes onto vipers,mantas and any1 on a hoverboard and raptors

                    redeemer cant take out a leviathan.

                    pick up ammo only from ammo stations... dont pick up all ammo u see coz u need to leave some for ur team mates as well like the other dude said.

                    combining a double damage and berserk gives u juggernaut

                    press shift to prevent falling of edges

                    shoot and avril and then lock instead of locking and then shooting coz some skilled players jump out based on the length of warning beep it gives.

                    have fun
                    wow i forgot all of those. ty


                      good post, nice to see it aimed towards keeping people playing this awesome game. tips are all excellent, something i would add in regards to pickups, alot of times, esp in enemy territory, remember that if you take a pick up, even if you don't nessecerily need it, yui will be denying it to a potential enemy for a while. i'll often toss off a rocket load or what have you as i approach an ammo pickup, just to be sure i'm not full of ammo, so i can take it. however, the above sniper ammo statement is true, and it also applies to longbow ammo.( can't say how many times i've been smoked like a cuban cigar because my avril was hungry.)
                      perhaps a few things might be sadi about camping for vehicles and super pickups...
                      in team oriented games, more often than not, you are depriving your team of needed man power, and as for going on joyrides in vehicles, if you are not totally comfortable using them, sometimes they are better left for more experienced players. depending on how seriously people are taking the match, wasted deemer shots, or darkwalker joyrides can really **** people off.
                      anyways, it's late and i need to go to work, and as said before, good post and keep it up, hope to get some funnage on with you in the future. keep up the good work, and thanks for helping strengthen our communtiy, not erode it.

                      and, in regards to the crouch to keep from falling off edges of things, doesn't it also increase the size of the head shot hitbox? or was that 2k4?


                        let me add a bit to this, maybe youshould edit your original post and add what people suggest.

                        -about the rocket launcher: dont forget that you can lockon the enemy. keep your crosshair onto the enemy (man or vehicle) for a little bit and you'll hear a beep and dome dots will come up and the enemy will be locked, when that happens fire a rocket and it will go seeking for the target. if you manage to keep the enemy locked in long enough you can charge multiple rockets and if you let them go while still locking the enemy then they will follow him. Its easier than predicting where the enemy will be! But of course its not always a good idea to lockon. On very close distances its better to shoot without waiting.

                        -in vctf you can try to load up with the usual power ups boots etc. then hop onto a fast vehicle like manta raptor or scorpion and zoom right into the flag quickly, then get out grab it and fly away with your boots

                        -if you can get some good communication with your teamates and theres people who appreciate teamplay, you can organise all sorts of amazing strategies:
                        like designate some people to stay home for defence, 1 to support you with sniping and then one other to drive a raptor or manta, you get all ready with your weapons and powerups and then the driver takes the role of a taxi to get you to the enemy flag, you take it, then grab onto the taxi again and before you know it you are back home with the flag! you could also arrange for some people to first clear out things like tanks etc. that might be guarding the flag so that your taxi doesnt get blown up :P
                        -if you are going to head for the flag capture, these are the usual way to go:
                        -load up on powerups, health pickups, superhealth and any armor you can find (shield belt would be the best of course)
                        -try and get jump boots before going in
                        -try and pickup an Avril if you are on a vctf map
                        -attempt to go in undetected. If you find enemies or vehicles on the way dont shoot them because they will spot you. only shoot enemys if you are certain you will kill them easily without alerting the others to your presence and that you wont get damage in the process
                        -when you grab the flag focus on running away rather than killing your pursuers. if you have jump boots you can use them to get over obstacles that will the enemies behind you, take shortcuts that gives you better distance to the enemies etc. If someone is nearby trying to kill you, you may want to use the jump boots to confuse them and make their targeting harder
                        -Sometimes it pays to take risks, for example even if you have only 40 health you might want to take their flag anyways if you are planning to go back from a route that you know is protected by your teamates, but other times it might be best to sneak around near the enemy flag to load up on health powerups etc. before going in, if you know theyll hit you a lot on the way back and it would take a long time to get back to the flag for another attempt

                        And a very basic advice:
                        SPECTATE! Next time you are playing a match and someone keeps killing you inexplicably and you are getting fed up with it leave the match and then join as spectator. Use your mouse wheell to choose player to spectate and watch how they play. Everyone needs to do this in order to get better


                          good tips really handy thanxs


                            Thx Kinnison
                            Originally posted by Kinnison View Post
                            let me add a bit to this, maybe youshould edit your original post and add what people suggest.
                            I plan on it, however im going too be gone for a few days so ill do it when i get back!


                              Here are links to some older threads

                              Here are links to some older threads dealing with WARFARE

                              Warfare Etiquette for Beginners (Warfare Guide for Beginners)


                              and this 2nd one, of which much is applicable to all Warfare matches

                              A beginners guide to WAR-TankCrossing (Tutorial for that Map)