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    Linux client

    before anyone jumps the gun and deletes or locks this post, please read it.

    If this specific thread has been made before I apologize, I wasnt able to find one on discussion of the client, just people asking when its out or trolling. please link me before locking this thread if one already exists.

    So, that being said.. I'd like to seriously discuss with everyone what people think and know about the linux client.

    What do the customers think at this point will happen? Does anyone have any info on when/if it will be released? hear any rumors? any speculations?

    Does anyone here still care if it gets released?

    I just want to know any information anyone in the epic games community might have. I understand this has become something of a taboo subject, a lot of threads have just been all out deleted for asking when its coming out.

    As I understand it, its ok to discuss it, so heres my thread on it, an all encompassing discussion thread surrounding it. im not asking when its coming out, I know the answer to that, "the faq is up to date *lock*". I am also respectfully asking this not be done to my thread as long as I am trying to keep the discussion sane.