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USA TDM = Deck, Biohazard, Wash, Rinse, Repeat?

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    USA TDM = Deck, Biohazard, Wash, Rinse, Repeat?

    Ok in the USA there is on average 1 (one) TDM server that has a steady amount of players playing, the UGM 16 slot on the East coast.

    I am thankful that there is atleast this server going consistently (with usually fully occupied), but am getting rather sick of playing there. Thats only because Deck and Biohazard are the only maps that are ever played.

    You cant just say, "Go to another server," because in the USA there are NO OTHER occupied TDM servers. I think the problem is that most UT veterans don't play? I basically see people log on for 1 or 2 rounds, they all vote for one of those two maps. Then they play them and leave. New people come, vote for those same two maps, play a round or two then leave. Then again and again. Deck, Biohazard, over and over.

    Occasionally Defiance or Shangra La get played, but yea, you get my point.

    I am really hoping that some more people pick this game up and start playing, because while I really enjoy it, its also getting really old really quick due to the lack of variety.

    I hardly see any consistent CTF servers up as well. At the very least there is usually a full VCTF and War server going though, as well as one UGM regular DM server.

    But Holy **** again, talk about a lack of players and variety for such a new game.

    The biggest problem is that all the popular servers (keyword: popular) refuse to run custom maps. Now UMG DM just put a few on today, but only three of them, and nobody votes for them.


      Originally posted by martinblank View Post
      The biggest problem is that all the popular servers (keyword: popular) refuse to run custom maps.
      I think that its partially Epics fault, since custom servers started refusing clients due to "X package not found" errors in the 1.2 patch. Its fixed with 1.3 but that is not officially out yet...

      The game didn't ship with proper redirection and when it was added it was bugged with "X package not found" errors.


        I thought that was fixed in 1.2?? I've connected to several servers with custom maps/content and I download just fine.


          Tom of Viperservers has 1.3 beta 4, DBL Dodge Jump, UT3Comp 2D and a ton of Custom DM maps. The server plays sweet and feels like 2k4. Check it out

          Chicago is
          Dallas is

          BGE Clan is doing a War event Saturday on 2 servers that are 24 man.

          Go here for info

          The game is picking up and when the 1.3 patch for the public comes out.

          It will get better.


            the dodge jump is killing that one... the 2k4 players are playing 2k4, not ut3