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To PC Players about PS3 Version

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    To PC Players about PS3 Version

    Saw a thread get locked about some PC players complaining about consoles never being comfortable for them since they couldn't use a mouse and keyboard, and that they would always be inferior due to the use of a controller.

    I'd like to inform my PC brethren who are whining, and the poor PS3 players still shooting with a controller on their PS3 to stop it.

    The PS3 Unreal Tournament 3, has USB keyboard and mouse support right out of the box. I am pretty surprised nobody knows this. It even has the options for it listed under the Input menu.

    So basically, there is no excuse for PC players to not want to play Unreal Tournament on glorious 1080p in their livingroom. I purchased a wireless keyboard and mouse for mine, works wonderfully. If wired is your thing, go ahead... that's why it has USB ports in the first place.

    Heck you can use the ones on your PC. No propriety hardware needed, any USB device works fine.

    So seriously console gamers, time to upgrade to the proper device and stomp the competition, and time for PC players to get with the program.

    Sorry, had to register to say this, seen way too many threads of PC version vs Console version ending up bickering about controls, when Epic already addressed that.

    Happy fragging.