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[vid] How'd I do?

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    [vid] How'd I do?

    I'm quite new here and honestly quite new to the game, can you tell me how I'm doing as a beginner?

    FRAPS is screwed up with the sound, I read how to fix it though so if I make another video, it'll have sound.
    These are bots on skilled, I'm going to be recording online from now on but its my first video.

    Map: The Longest Yard
    Character Model: Master Chief
    Pitbull Shotgun
    Ripper (AKA Ripjack)

    it's not wrong, but it looks like it's a quake spamfest
    your aim is not bad, i'm not sure if you dodged but you shoud
    try playing online thats the best way to find out wether you totaly suck or ar an avarge player, or you might be pro already
    and these mut's, wel you might find some, but not a lot of them online. so i suggest to try without.


      I'm not bad, but I'm not pro. I'd say I'm a little above average at this point.
      Its easy to rape on your own server or with low ping (20 or below) and to join a random server. All the shots are delayed thus making you less of a skilled player. Its like trying to learn two different games so I'm now only playing online.
      There's virtually no point at all becoming pro on your own when "online servers" are what everyone plays.

      Of course, I did forward my ports and people can join my games. :P
      My friend joined atleast.

      Thanks for the comment Crazy.


        I cant check your vid just now but I will tomorrow. As far as UT goes the important thing is to enjoy the experience of learning. It takes a long time to get good at UT and thats one of it's greatest traits.

        I would recommend you start playing Duel online of course. It's the best way to grasp the fundamentals of the game and to start learning the intricacies.


          Each game mode has its pros and its cons.
          I've been playing a lot of CTF on Omnicron Dawn (One of my favorite sniping maps).