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Two newb questions.

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    Two newb questions.

    I got the game for the 360 on launch day, and It's my current fav shooter!

    - What are the announced "kill" reward requirements, for stuff like Ultra Kill and Godlike?

    - I also bought this game for the PC to play with people @ college. I do quite well on the 360 version, often getting 1st or close to 1st place in my DM matches, but on the PC, using a 360 controller, I get HANDLED. There a subtle difference I'm not aware of?


    For getting subsequent kills in a short amount of time, the awards are: double kill, multi kill, mega kill, ultra kill, monster kill.

    For going on sprees without dying, the awards announced every 5 frags are: killing spree, rampage, dominating, unstoppable, godlike, massacre.

    The console versions of the game are slowed down to account for less precise input (controllers instead of mouse/kb.) So the PC version actually runs at a faster game speed. Also, many PC players have been around since the original UT, and are just very good; many can also aim better than anyone using a controller.