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    just a note to peg onto the guys telling you to spend 14 grand on a pc or however much.

    ut3 + sli + projector = bsod.
    a single 9800GTX will run ut3 max at 1920x1080 just fine
    for a system to run that you will need a 500w psu, a dual core 2ghz or higher (e8400 intel recommended), and at least 2 gigs of rams. dont forget a pci-e 2.0 capable motherboard.

    if you truly feel lucky you can try SLI, but if you do get a 780i motherboard. again theres no real need.

    8800GTX on dual monitors - 1920x1080, intel c2d e6600 @ 2.7ghz, 2gb ddr2 800mhz, 680i mobo, no overclocking, 99.9fps on everywhere but deck which i get 80fps on using max settings + 4xFSAA. every time i try to use the projector with SLI i bluescreen, of course it could be my drivers.. friggin betas!! XD
    please forgive my camera phone for being a camera phone, my actual camera is away taking pictures of pretty places atm

    oh and it does look great... i need a screen for my room though, that was just a test run on a white wall.


      Originally posted by Kinnison View Post
      sorry, I meant FULL hd.
      The term "FULL" HD is nothing more than a marketing gimmick, 2160p and higher are already planned.

      Originally posted by oxygen View Post
      The main reason I am asking this question is to setup a commertial simulator. So I need the best image quality with a projector. I am ready to pay the price. So I need the state of the art technology. I need your suggestions.
      If you really must have the best quality you will need to look at DLP projectors that are labeled as 3-chip DLP. 3chip DLP eliminates the only disadvantage with DLP known as the "rainbow" effect. 3 chip system are very expensive compared to single single chip and I would not recommend for common home theater or business because of cost.
      However you plan to have a "commercial simulator", so I would think that you have already considered the possibility of 3d projection in the near future. Good DLP projectors can output at 120hz so that it is possible to project a 3d image at a solid 60hz on one projector. It is allot better quality than previous two projector setups and cost less to operate.

      This may be more or less info than you wanted but I hope this helps you on building your simulation room.

      LOL Zera, I have a similar setup
      Should of took the picture while the car was still thats on a 10 foot long paper sheet,its allot cheaper then a real screen
      Works great in dorms too
      Playing on the side of building is great too


        Originally posted by Taboen View Post
        UTPlayer, AMD used to be just as good as Intel so back then it was a question of fanboyism. Either way you could get a good processor, if u went with Intel or AMD.
        That has changed since C2D. Now, Intel is just so much better for the same money its no question anymore of fanboyism. Just go with Intel or wait till AMD comes with something new again. Though it is unlikely that AMD will get out of this mess very quickly. Intel is working on a future generation aswell which is also very promising.
        And no I'm not an Intelfanboy. I used to buy AMD aswell. Its just its changed now, with this generation of procs.
        What are you talking about? I feel as though you have put words in my mouth. Sorry if I am wrong. On my behalf, I am not a fanboy of any side.

        That is a questionnaire for the OP to give us an idea of what where and how his particular situation is for us to give him suggestions on building a machine to play UT3. You can't suggest 3 GTX280s to run tripple sli if the op only has 400$ to build a machine. So my point was for the OP to give us a little information, like a budget, for us to work with at suggesting parts etc.


          roadkill is that need for speed and anime? XD
          how do you have the laptop setup btw? i see it has what looks like creative's player on the laptop monitor but only the video on the projector - do tell
          ugh racing game makes me want gran turismo 5 and ITS SO FAR FROM BEING RELEASED!! ARGH *suicide*


            Originally posted by Zera View Post
            player on the laptop monitor but only the video on the projector - do tell
            Have monitors setup in clone mode

            Thats Burnout Paradise BTW, I love that game. Criterion provides excellent support for the game, the patches add free content to the game.


              oooh i never noticed the full screen video feature XD im blind, thx