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    [PC] Xfire Friends

    Hi guys, I'm newer to this game and if possible would like some people to play with. I don't really like going into random games and try to make friends, its unorganized and no one has time to respond really. My mic doesn't work currently.

    I just port forwarded for this game so that I could make games and play with my friends and such so if you guys would like to play, I could host a few.
    I'd like to practice my sniping in a "Head Hunter" game (a mutator I downloaded which disables all killing shots aside from head shots) on a few maps. I've never really been into the UT series although I've always been into the Quake series, so I downloaded "The Longest Yard" map.

    If you'd like to add me to Xfire to play, my xfire is: zemious

    xfire = roadKillgrill
    I'm online allot, don't usually have time to play all the time but can usually chat.