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Using the impact hammer as shield?

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    i can imagine how hard it is to use the hammer as a shild, i find it hard to use as a weapon. me an my brother where laughing ourselfs silly with the consept of a mod to turn the end of the Hammer in to a boot or a Boxing Glove.


      Originally posted by Infra` View Post
      Hope you aren't talking about Haleys Hothouse Servers I stopped playing there two years ago because since there are no rules, the cheaters just started pouring in.
      HHH does have a server with rules in place (as well as map vote so it's not just Facing worlds.)

      Back on topic, I've always preferred the UT99 style of alternate fire on the impact hammer.
      It was a mining tool...since when do mining tools require an EMP blast?


        Yeah I know. It would be even better if they made it reflect the projectiles better.


          Infra, HHH has servers which have 'no rules' only in that you can idle, PC, TK all you want without being kicked.* It never allowed people to cheat (eg. use bots) as your post misleadingly suggests.

          * Provided that some very very very unintelligent and moronic admin doesn't apply the completely fallacious logic that 'no rules' mean that admins can kick for any arbitrary reason. I mean ffs, all players can idle, PC and TK but not everyone can kick other players. So you're just an idiot if you think that you're simply using the server's 'no rules' policy as a justification for arbitrary kick. What you are in fact doing is abusing power full stop.