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    Originally posted by dickbird View Post
    I threw those videos up there because your mention of mineral oil reminded me of this strange technique.

    The Pugetsystems design is really slick (heh). I'd love to give it a try myself, and maybe someday I will.

    They've been running theirs for at least a year, and there are a couple issues about it that they report on, on their website (which is worth reading):

    1). You can run it the way they show it on the video, and it will be extremely stable, completely dust free, and utterly silent. However, over a period of 12 hours or more under load, the oil temperature will eventually stabilize around 85c. This is obviously really hot, and though the system (remarkably) remains rock stable throughout, I would not be eager to put up with that.

    This can be addressed by adding a submersion pump, a (large) external radiator, with (optionally), a fan. The second video shows an example of this solution.

    2). The oil has a way of wicking up through some cables (like braided cables), and would end up dripping out of your mouse, or into other things like hard drives that you'd rather not have it in. One suggestion I've seen to correct this, which I would probably follow, would be to have the initial connections to the motherboard made with extension cables, and keep the junction to the
    components' own cables elevated and dry. The wicking presumably would not pass the junction. There's also supposed to be some sort of anti wicking clamp or grommet or some such thing for cables, available commericially. Which would make sense, I gather, since oil immersion is not unknown as a cooling method in electronics generally. But I haven't looked into that.

    There's some other minor things. Pugetsystems did some sealing up of things, against evaporation (does oil evaporate?), but reported no loss from that. And the guy in the second video reported that the oil got cloudy after a while. He said it was picking up loose bits of excess thermal grease from around the edges of the heat sinks, and he fixed it by putting a coffee filter around the end of the return tube from the radiator.

    And of course it looks really neat.
    Plus, if you add a straw attachment, its a quick and easy laxative dispenser.


      Oh no.

      You didn't like that bit about crack headed overclockers did you. Sorry to get you clogged up, Bubba.


        I just realized 85C =185F, so it's way too hot for the straw.


          Your case looks good.Dunno what fans u already have installed.Front n rear 120 fans are a must.For a big cpu cooler u must see if the upper side vent wont let it fit (u can always remove it).U can put side fans but in some cases u will find thats worse than sealing them.Keep ur PC in a place that has space.Dont put the back too near in a wall or under a study that gives it less space to breath.You want the front fan to intake cool air n the back to sent it out,if u dont have much space in the back the hot air stays there.Anyway tell us if u wanna overclock and how much money you r willing to give.

          For the 120 fans i can recommend SCYTHE SFF21F S-FLEX S-FDB 120MM QUIET FAN.


            Originally posted by oldkawman1 View Post
            You need to get new video cards as well, or at least one good one. Taking 2 cheap non gaming low performance cards and making an SLI setup is a waste of money.
            Lol I know this too it came with the bare-bone that I bought on tiger direct.
            Don't underestimate my system. I get 30-50 FPS with 5x5 on 1024x768
            Resolution. So don't say they are cheap non gaming low performance cards
            & a waste of money.They do quite well.

            All I need to really upgrade on is my Graphics card *even though I wont need
            to but its good to do it now cause all the games that are coming out that my
            card might not be able to handle*, maybe upgrade my power supply, and defiantly
            upgrade my CPU (Q6600). But maybe water cooling will be a later thing to do
            If I get a 3-Way SLI motherboard so I can install 3 video cards . I might need
            to get a bigger case though cause I heard the 9800's are big. Also defiantly
            going to get a Ultra 1000W PSU (The kind you can attach the cables too so
            its not all messy )

            (Staying with Intel, Nvidia, and ULTRA PSU's)

            Btw I have a pretty good CPU fan that will do great with a Q6600


              Here's why I love Ultra lol...




                No built-in wires/cables...daaaang. That'll definitely allow for better internal organization.

                EDIT: While modulization is on my mind, another good thing about the case I suggested is that you can almost literally put things any way you want. there's three three-slotted banks that you can switch around. In other words, you can have your hard drive(s) on top, optical drive(s) in the middle, and intake fans on bottom, or any similar configuration.


                  Exactly =)


                    Originally posted by Enforcer-5 View Post
                    Lol I know this too it came with the bare-bone that I bought on tiger direct.
                    Don't underestimate my system. I get 30-50 FPS with 5x5 on 1024x768
                    Resolution. So don't say they are cheap non gaming low performance cards
                    & a waste of money.They do quite well.
                    You could do better than that with a single $90 8600GT with 256Mb DDR3 128 bit memory with 32 stream processors. The $60 8500GT cards have DDR2 64 bit memory with only 16 stream processors. Even a single 7600GT performs better than your SLI 8500GT pair.

                    The 8500 card is a low end item. It was included in the bundle because they were unable to sell it seperately. The 8500 benchmarks are real bad. For most gamers, your fps in SLI are too low to be playable.


                    Instead of attempting to defend a mistake, you should learn from them. All these retailers work like this, they want to sell you what they want, not what you want. You have to know what you want ahead of time so you do not get stuck with junk.

                    As far as SLI goes, you get much better performance at a lower cost if you buy 1 good card instead of 2 lesser cards for SLI.


                      Dude I know this it came with a bare-bone, it was only $500 or $600
                      And it was all I could get =/

                      And If my FPS in SLI is too low to be playable how am I playing UT3 so well
                      Then huh?

                      Sorry if I seem like I'm acting a bit mean just trying to get the point that I know
                      I could of done better for a system but at the time I didn't have the money.

                      But I will hopefully Upgrade by the end of the year.