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    Fix the gravity in that I HATE when I try to Frag a player I have to wait until they land 10' away to continue the Frag. In other words the gravity is messed up. It seemed fine when the game came out and now it's not ok at all. I don't want to see players fly through the air with the flag when I shock combo them. EPIC did the same with UT2k4 and ruined the games popularity. UT3 was gaining some interest, they changed this gravity stuff and killed it, along with other game issues of course.

    And improve the UI because Messages are still clunky.


      It depends on the quality of the tanker. Personally these days when my tank is up there, I watch that side door as much, if not more than the front enterance. And if your teammates are half decent, they'll have locked down that central area so the chance of geting the deemer or the shaped charge is slim. You could get the deemer, then get the boots, get up on the roof, and come down that way, and if you manage that you deserve to destory the tank. But the odds are that the core will be down by the time you finish that sequence.

      Re gravity- it's unchanged from when UT3 was released. Players are now better at moving, that's all.


        I certainly agree with you more about the enormity of the the task of bringing down a tank once it has made its way up the steps at the enemy prime. Although I still believe that whether or not a team dominates the rest of the round after getting the tank to the enemy prime is still dependent on at least a bit of luck. Player skill aside, it's partly to do with the timining of events such as who is in the best position when the deemer spawns, time between getting tank to prime and deemer spawning, etc.

        All and in all, I acknowledge that once the tank is at the enemy prime, chances of a comeback are slim. But I don't regard it as a bug. Whether a tank gets to the enemy prime usually isn't determined within the first minute or so of a mad orb rush (unlike the outcome of a match on Torlan). It takes time and strategy. If a team manages to prioritise their pursuits in such a way that it enables them to get their tank to the enemy prime, and they end up winning because of that, then it is a well deserved win IMO.


          A few requests:
          • Make server the default page instead of filter.
          • Detailed weapon stats that are viewable in match, like we had by pressing F3 in UT2004. This feature was awesome, and it'd be great if it could come back.
          • Adding the list of players in the server to the info displayed when you click on the server in the browser.
          • Add team randomization as a mutator rather than forcing it in lieu of 'same teams', so servers don't flip from one extreme to the other.
          • A mutator to allow people to carry the flag inside vehicles. (Small chance, but I have to ask )


          Edit: Added server/filter stuff.


            The flag-in-vehicle mutator exists. The community made it.


              Heh, patch 1.3 isn't even out and we've already got a 9 page thread for patch 1.4.

              Here's my contribution:

              - Feigning death "scream" instead of the current sound to make it more convincing and humorous.
              - Remove the resetting of the zoom in the Nemesis when switching positions.
              - Fix weird view position when near Leviathan cannon explosion.
              - Beef up the Scavenger a bit. Perhaps with increased health, improved maneuverability, increase damage done by its "Seeker" or immunity from the explosion caused by rolling into another vehicle and destroying it.
              - Slightly reduce air control of players.
              - Team balance based on PPH.

              (Edit): Wow, can't believe I forgot this: - Fix invisible destroyed vehicles. - This is extremely annoying since you can't shoot, run or drive through them online.

              And of course:
              - Add power indicator for the Hellbender's rear turret. Please. Even if it's the same as the one for the Darkwalker and Fury. First person view for it and increased max zoom-in distance would be greatly appreciated too.
              - Typing animation or other indicator for player models.
              - Bindable taunts and team taunts.
              - First person view for all vehicles and turrets.


                1) Saving mutator list upon exiting game (basically saving all menu settings when exiting game)

                2) FULLY customizable bots

                3) Scrollview when in vehicles like in 2k4

                4) Fix mixed genders voices

                5) Weapondrop an option again

                6) Variable gamespeed on the menu


                  At least add demo Girl...Shooting a demo guy named lauran just isn't right


                    not sure if this comes under your "technical" heading but what would be handy for people who like playing custom maps would be a way to download the next one while you're playing. it could make use of superfluous bandwidth (depending on how much you've got) and then when you've finished playing one map, the next one will be ready to load. This might help with the amount of players on custom map servers. The only drawback would be that you wouldn't be able to vote but personally I find voting a bit stupid anyway; all I want is to play a different map to the ones I've already played that session so to cycle through them would be fine by me.


                      Oh yeah, and also, some of the VCTF maps would be good to use as WAR maps - maybe there's and easy way to quickly convert them?


                        Originally posted by UnskilledPRO View Post
                        Thats really odd as we (or atleast I) experiance this issue at least once each time I start gaming online. I mainly play TDM with up to 32 players. It doesnt seem like it matters what map is on, it just happens from time to time. Im sure that if you jump between a lot of servers you will run into the same issue.

                        Im sorry that Im not able to contribute with something of more value.

                        Are we referring to everyone using the same character? I get that in all online games


                          +1 for the invisible destroyed vehicle thingie.

                          Another thing: I was using the turret @ center node (downtown) and zoomed in with right-mouse. Then I left the turret but my view did not change back to normal.

                          And another one: can we have the option to switch mouse-buttons for primary/secondary fire? I´d be pleased with an ini-option.

                          Btw... my stats never get updated when I join a game that has already started. Is that by design or a bug?
                          And the ready-button at the start of a map does not lead to updated stats as well (at least here).


                            Here are my 2 cents :

                            - change user interface to be able to change mode / map / mutator / bots setting / etc... ingame (without having to go back to main menu).
                            - do this for both singleplayer AND multiplayer when hosting a listenserver (the host should be like an admin with a proper UI)
                            - add FOV option, just like the free FOV mutator
                            - allow player to pickup ammo when picking up a weapon you already have (at a weapon pickup) - should should solve the "throw weapon" issue
                            - (already said by someone else but i say it again) : make every single option in the ini be modifiable through the game UI.
                            - bring back the 3rd person weapon switch animation (i play with action cam, i can't see when my character is switching weapons)

                            - I love action cam but it looks like action cam developpers have stopped working on it, it's a really great mutator, can you implement your own "action cam like" 2nd person view mode to replace "behindview", it doesn't need to be as dynamic as gears of war, actioncam is fine (in my opinion)
                            - make UT3 remember which view you prefer to use to allow 1st person players and 2nd/3rd person players play simultaneously on the same server without having to type "behindview" everytime they respawn


                              Add power indicator for the Hellbender's rear turret. Please. Even if it's the same as the one for the Darkwalker and Fury. First person view for it and increased max zoom-in distance would be greatly appreciated too.
                              Yes, and also when you hit make the crosshair turn red!


                                Originally posted by andydepr
                                If people have 1.3 installed,can they play in servers that dont have it?
                                Yup .