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    Originally posted by [Insta]-Loque View Post
    Although the top 10 requests are critical/useful WarTourist clearly states in the 1.3 Patch Sticky that the 1.3 patch is the "Final" patch, can anyone remotely confirm that a 1.4 patch will even be developed? Just a thought..
    Final refers to the 1.3 patch only, because it went through a lot of beta stages.
    It's just to show that you won't be getting a 1.31 etc.

    There is gonna be another patch, just not very soon yet...


      Originally posted by VoodooMaster View Post
      I think he means the final patch change list.

      As in no more fixes will be added to 1.3 as its the public release of the patch.
      like he said


        Makes sense I guess, well spotted

        I don't mind how long it takes really, I just hope it addresses the main bugs we've all been chatting about the last few months


          Has this been mentioned before? It looks like it's possible to disable vehicle resetting if the vehicle has a passender seat, like the Darkwalker or the Cicada: Make sure you're alone in the vehicle and change to the passenger seat. Stay there for at least 30 seconds, then get out.

          I'm pretty sure this will prevent the vehicle from being reset, though I could be wrong. Can someone confirm this?

          Just checked with the Leviathan: Performing the procedure above it stays around indefinitely. Then just entering and leaving as a driver resets it after a short while.


            Still too busy?
            Or didn't you receive my PM?
            I thought my list is not bad...



              Two things.

              1) If you are the only net player on a server and vote for a map change it should change right away instead of waiting on the vote timer. This bugs the heck out of me.

              2) Fix the crosshairs disappearing thing for real this time. Zoom rifles still sometimes have their crosshairs disappear and you have to zoom in and out to get them back. This is highly annoying!


                An updated version of the 1st post has been released
                More updates will come soon



                  I agree with all the suggestions, except of number 5 - you have the "Join" button. The better will be, if there is a "Spectate" button while you are playing.

                  Especially i strongly support #23, 24, 01, 02, 07, surely 08, 11, 16 and 21.


                    I'll say it again: X-Fi XRAM OpenAL crash fix.


                      Originally posted by XxDeadlyxX View Post
                      I'll say it again: X-Fi XRAM OpenAL crash fix.
                      u are correct, this one needs to be adressed aswell


                        Originally posted by aka_sova View Post
                        I agree with all the suggestions, except of number 5 - you have the "Join" button. The better will be, if there is a "Spectate" button while you are playing.

                        Especially i strongly support #23, 24, 01, 02, 07, surely 08, 11, 16 and 21.
                        OK I think that was my mistake.
                        Seems that I completely forgot the Join button.

                        Hmm the problem with the spectate button is,
                        that some unfair players would quickly change to the spec mode to search the enemy flag carrier.
                        Then they will join again and go to him.
                        (I mean no one can know what the spectator is doing).
                        Maybe it would be fair if there is a delay of 30 seconds!?
                        A normal player won't often change from player to spectator.

                        But well, you also could join the game as spectator, search something and become active...
                        (If you are unfair^^).

                        I guess I'll mark #5 as already available or will change it to spectator button.


                        To X-Fi crash:

                        The problem is we don't know if it's more an X-Fi issue or more a UT3 issue.
                        Another example:
                        You have a mainboard which supports DDR2-1066 RAM.
                        You have RAM which is 2x 1GB DDR2-1066.
                        Both components are ok!
                        The mainboard works with any RAMs together and the RAM works with any mainboards together.
                        However, this RAM and this mainboard don't work together (situations like that are not impossible).
                        How do you want to know where exactly the problem is?

                        The same could be with UT3 + X-Fi.

                        To the spec button:
                        Ok, I make a suggestion:
                        There can be a spec button and you always can go from player to spec and vica versa under one condition:
                        The flag carriers can't be spectated.
                        I even think if the free movement should be disabled, too.
                        The argumentation:
                        You have a good place where you can hide and the enemies can't find you.
                        And then comes a spec and sees everything and your secret is not a more a secret.
                        It would be too easy if an enemy player changes to spec and just searches for you.
                        I'm sure many players would do this...

                        So that's the deal:
                        Spec button = yes, spectating flag carriers (+ free movement) = no.
                        Yes I know it is very interested to spectate and of course to see what the flag carriers do, but it simply could be unfair as mentioned.



                          I write a new post because the thread won't be bumped if I edit.
                          There are some changes

                          Version 1.1 - 08-10-23 - added #28, #29; fixed #5; changed #2, #7, #23, #25, #26; fixed some spelling and visual mistakes; removed the underline

                          I think that should be enough for the next time.
                          If there is something important you want to have in the list, then let me know it
                          There is no problem to add them, too.



                            ughhhhhh fix this game.


                              (These comments are based on the PS3 version)

                              Allow host to specify multiple game types/maps, as opposed to just different maps of the same gametype (e.g. deathmatch on map X, warfare on map Y)

                              Don't allow players to vote for maps they don't have

                              Some way of knowing if the game you are about to join includes maps you don't have

                              Improve comms - USB headsets work intermittently, BT never! (not tried since firmware 2.5 though)

                              Incorporate PSN friends list


                                I'm sorry, but I don't think that's the right place for this.
                                This is about the pc version and the upcoming patch 1.4 (or further).

                                Maybe there is a request thread for UT3 PS3 (I thought I saw one thread some weeks ago...)

                                Write in this:
                                or start a new one as it's mentioned here:

                                Nah, forget these threads.
                                That's your way: