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    There is an "Alias" textbox in the settings, it's just hidden on the PC. Enable it, and make use of it.

    Freeform character customisation. I want to mix and match the armour parts from different factions and use a certain voice pack. Altho the voice pack I'd desire isn't there, but that's unrelated...

    EDIT: Something I had forgotten to mention:

    Autotaunting way more often in instant action at least, or ideally an option to configure it. Even if just some ini switches, but I want to hear my taunts after each kill. Some people might not and I and I appreciate that, so if the fequency could be selected from every kill - special kill event - killing spree tier or something?

    Either the game remembering the last used IA settings (think UT), or the possibility to save some set as defaults.

    Also, translocator for DM. Just add a little nifty checkbox for it. Think UT.


      the good old days of ut2004 lol i remember falling of the vehicles so many times and dieing in convoy the first rolling map i ever played (the air strikes and auto turrets that will kill ever body )


        Let's see. Didn't really read through the 59 pages to see what has already been asked for and what not, So...

        +Zoom in vehicles

        +"Classic" Bot Roster as in UT2004, which later allows people to make their own menu for 4-player teamgames, too.

        +Fix bots to not immediately know where the player is just because they got hit by one of his delayed weapons/traps/etc. They should still use Line-of-Sight and actually try to BACKTRACE where the projectile came from, like a human would =o
        (Especially if using: Spidermines, SPMA or Mr.Evil's Sentinels)

        +Fix bots in vehicles ignoring all their bot stats (accuracy, aggressiveness, reaction time), and apparently instantly putting their highest priority on the player with almost 100% accuracy, even from over 300m distance, with other enemies running around them at close range.
        It makes little sense why a raptor would suddenly attack a recently-appeared player, rather than the other 5 with miniguns firing at it and the surrounding area.

        +Fix bots so they get off the hoverboard if they bump repeatedly into a wall, trying to get inside a small tunnel.

        +Fix bots's FoV, so they don't know what's going on behind their backs unless there is a obviously loud noise (close footsteps, vehicle, weapon fire), and make bots that guard areas turn around, to compensate...make them more like human players.

        +Custom Skin Support without having to rip and copy models and textures.
        +Custom Voice pack support
        +"Species Stats"-like mutator as in UT2004, to give different characters more fitting attributes.


          I don't know if this is a bug or is designed to work in this way, but would be great if the paladin shield didn't automatically turns off when too close with a wall imo


            yea and they should make the paladin shield more C shame rather than flat concaved


              I think this has been already stated since patch 1.1 or 1.2.
              Can EPIC please release a patch that fixes the servers of running UT on more than one CPU-CORE !?!?!
              IMO that is the most important fix that will have to be done. Otherweise, who cares about all the fixes, when you dont even have a server that runs UT with more than 16slots without lag? Especially warfare becomes unplayable on any server that supports more than 16slots.


                a variable reaction time in seconds for bots AI detecting (shoot) you depending on distance
                hate coming off a corner just to see a bot turning 180 and killing me in a second

                configurable orb properties plz
                i hate buildng up a node to full just to see it converted in a second becouse my stpid bots counld stop the other sloooow stupid bot

                deliver the human like AI you promissed us and i will be fine
                along with the remaining faction and necris vehicles


                  FIX the AIM and FIRING of TURRETS and the NEMESIS

                  It that crazy firing vs aim bug where the left and right side guns fire across each other when the cross hair is too close to another object that is closer to the weapon than the intended target. This is a systemic bug in all multi barrel weapons, turrets as well as the nemesis. It's very frustrating when you can place the cross hair on the target but when you fire, the beams or rockets hit nowhere even close to the aim point.


                    no more of redownloading maps off server after not playing on them 4 a week


                      Originally posted by voxmagna2 View Post
                      no more of redownloading maps off server after not playing on them 4 a week
                      you can change that in your ini or get a cache converter!!


                        Voxmagna2 here ya go. This is what Harmertys talking about.
               Courtesy of UNK clan and


                          PLZ AUTO BALANCE...i think their is one but players should be able to say "teams" and that should make it balanced


                            VERY IMPORTANT THINGS:
                            -Auto balance and team shuffle after a team based match.

                            -fixing laggy gameplay in teleporter areas, although framerate seems to be ok.
                            this issue is fixable by setting Detailmode=0 in UTEngine.ini, but many nice effects are
                            missing then

                            -Paladin needs a higher RoF and quicker shield response.

                            -Cicada rockets need a higher traveling speed and more accuracy in small distances

                            -!!! weaponfire should hit in the middle of the crosshair, not a bit more left or right, if
                            weaponhand is not CENTER !!!

                            NOT THAT IMPORTANT THINGS:
                            -Replace blood with oil, when a robot is hammered.

                            -full DX10 support and effects

                            -adding physx weaponeffects to non-physx maps ... I like the big explosions and the splittering of big stingershards


                              Very important to me -Let me be able to use my UT2004 name Give me the option like in UT2004 to choose/edit my own nickname


                                Originally posted by voxmagna2 View Post
                                no more of redownloading maps off server after not playing on them 4 a week
                                open Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini
                                Find this line:
                                Change "30" value to any other number which means how long (in days) files in cache are kept so changing it to 365 (1year) should be fine.