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    I would like know if it is possible to decrease the cpu usage when v-sync is on.
    My both cores work 100% and I don't think that UT3 really need this.
    Especially in the main menu...

    Fein death should changed a little bit.
    The "sound" when falling elliminates the tactical usage of this feature.
    I realized that I sometimes have to shoot many many times at a "death" player.
    For example with the Link Gun.

    Make on some maps a better spawn kill protection.
    On VCTF_Suspense you cannot fly with the manta into the one spawn area.
    However, you can fly into the other and can kill the spawned players easily.
    There are also on other maps problems like these.

    Fix the 1 hit avril kills against scorpions, raptors etc. which have full hp.

    Add the ability to see on which server your friends are.
    You can follow them or send them a message.
    There is no possibility to see the server or game type.
    And of course a reply button for messages!

    Update the server browser because it is now very laggy if you search servers.

    Add copy and paste function for the console.

    And the most important thing if it is not fixed by the patch 1.3:
    Fix the netcode, please!!
    Always big delays even with low pings and sometimes big lags when there are many players.
    Completely different gameplay than the offline playing!



      LoL u people have too many expectations.

      WarTourist, this is exactly what happens with the demo guy problem : You can
      a) join a server and get the defualt character
      b) change teams
      c) go on the hoverboard to check
      Those are the only ways to reproduce it.

      Observations : When u see the default character when your on the hoverboard, in 1st person, you still see your characters arms and such (i'm not sure about taunts), but when you go on the hoverboard its the demo guy.

      But since u can't reproduce the problem i'd say ur using single player which won't work (unless u change teams, but i'm not sure) because uuuh... on IA, your computer has all the information so.. theres no reason for u to get the demo guy, but if u join a multiplayer server might miss some client info sent to them resulting in the default character. Just a guess though.

      Also, if u have a.. home computer (im assuming u work @ EPIC) that can run UT3, try and reproduce it there.


        To Epic Games regarding some simple but important requests for Patch 1.4:

        -Add an option to disable the remaining kill announcements in DM and other non-team based gametypes. Many people, myself included, will often be toe to toe with another player for the lead, and hearing the remaining kill announcements is agitating and causes us to stumble. I am by nature very competitive, but I do not like it at all, and I want to be able to play UT3 DM with no indication of my rank. I do not want to have to disable all the other announcements to get rid of them. As of now, not even setting the announcements to minimal gets rid of them. You have to disable them altogether.

        -It would also be great to have an option to remove the scoring from the HUD in DM and non-team based games, but leave it enabled in team games such as TDM, WAR, CTF, VCTF, etc... This would be for the same reasons as the above request. I hate it in DM, but you are at a disadvantage in team games without it, and currently, the only way to enable/disable it is by going into the HUD settings. There is a SET command you can bind to enable/disable it, but it does not work online.

        -The bug that causes you to be unable to use the backspace key in the endgame chat screen, which has been present since the debut of the demo, is extremely annoying. This is one of those minor, yet highly irritating bugs that only lends itself to paint an unpolished image of the game, and while I am no programmer, I can't imagine it would be hard to fix.

        -When looking at realtime portals, such as the one in DM-Deck, a very strange thing happens. It feels like the FPS has been cut in half from what you normally get, but when you look at your framerate with the stat fps command, it is no lower than anywhere else in the map. I have no idea how this is caused, but it is very annoying when it suddenly feels like your FPS has been chopped in half when a portal comes into view. There have been a few reports that this only happens on ATI cards. I can't test the validity of that claim, as I only have an ATI card, but regardless, this issue really needs to be fixed.

        -Seemingly specific to Windows Vista and ATI video cards (possibly only the R600 and its derivatives), when you minimize UT3, you are unable to maximize it again, and end up having to kill the process. This is extremely annoying, because I frequently minimize the game at the end of a match to check on other things. This never happened in Windows XP. When I am referring to XP and Vista here, I mean the 64-bit versions of both. I have no idea if this is still the case in the 32-bit version of Vista. I am able to hit Alt+Enter to put UT3 in windowed mode, and then I can safely go check on other things (but still not minimize UT3, just have it in the background) and return to UT3 and put it in fullscreen mode again with Alt+Enter. But this takes considerably more time than simply minimizing the game with the windows key.


          Originally posted by WarTourist View Post
          Sounds like a promising lead. Our team colors are definitely separate textures, so that could explain why other people see the default character, but your client should still see it correctly.

          Will investigate. Thanks!
          I don't know why you didn't see my post, unless you put me on ignore and I"m wasting my time, even after I sent you a PM explaining DemoGuy from Steve Polge.

          Surely if his post is a "promising lead" then my post and offer to reproduce it with you would be a bit more than "promising".

          Originally posted by JohnDoe641 View Post
          It's reproducible on every single server I've ever been on actually.

          I've talked to Phil about this and he gave me an interesting answer from Steve a while ago about the problem and why it happens.

          Here's the team switch DemoGuy:

          Zorr0 wasn't Demo Guy.


          But when he switched teams:


          He was Demo Guy

          You can switch from CTF to DM and there's a 100% guarantee that all the players will be DemoGuy (including myself), this is easily reproducable on any server. If you'd like, I'll give you an IP to the Ci server and I'll show you all the examples of reproducing DemoGuy. From there, we can go to other servers.


            I would like additional options for altering gravity. Specifically, I would like to be able to have gravity emanating in all directions from a single point in the map space. It would make possible some very novel maps.

            I would also like a million dollars, some ice cream, and a pony.


              1-Fix some playernames not being displayed for 2 teams gametypes where team size for one or both team equals 7 (the 7th playername is not displayed using F1 key)
              2-Add button to switch to spectator mode. (should be the logical next step after the Spectator to player button feature added in patch 1.2)
              3-Mapvote: add kickvote option, add multiple column for displaying votable maps so no need to scroll down for long time to choose map when maplist is kinda important (>20 maps), change to scroll list so people without wheel button on mouse can vote for all maps ...
              4-Fix >40players servers crashes (that's y there is nolonger any huge UT3 server now since they always crash ...).


                - Fix the demo guy (again, it's really the most annoying stuff)
                - Fix the sound bugs (females/robots grunting like males ... so annoying too)


                  - F3 stats support like in ut2004. 'Who' killed 'what' with 'weapon' & how many times
                  - Better sound for the announcer, vehicles and flag captures: this goes for the timing as for the actual sounds of it.

                  And most important:
                  - full support for the mapmixer developer! Please give this man an UT3-supportteam that he can assign to features he needs. If he finishes this mod almost all of my problems with UT3 are gone. Better bot support, bot tweaking, better teamsetup, better randomization, remembering of characters, remembering favorites, remembering maplists, extra sounds,... and much more

                  there is more, but this is it for this post


                    The problem with the "demo guy" happens to me every time I switch the team!
                    Even reconnecting does not help.




                      I have spoken to several people and combine some of the top complaints/suggestions for fixes we have for ongoing gameplay. These are not in any particular order.

                      1. The ability to go to spectate from in-game. ie. A spectate button.
                      2. Fix the "ready button" when a new map loads. When you start a map - if you hit the ready button, fine you are ready but sometimes your stats will not update correctly. If at the start of a map - if you instead of hitting the ready button, you hit esc, the screen changes from the score/chat window to the map window, you click your mouse. Then you hit esc again to see the score window, and that sneaky little "u" symbol appears next to your name. Now the stats will update for sure.
                      3. Continue from #2 above - When join from spectate mode or join a game in mid battle, your stats don't always update correctly. Some people find stats only update when they start the map from the very first beginning when the map loaded.
                      4. The ability to check the server browser from inside an active game/ map like in UT99. (You should not disconnect from your current server just to look at the server list to find out the server you want to go to next is full, then the server you left is full right after you leave and your stuck in limbo).
                      5. Server browser is laggy. If you hit search but forgot to change the gametype you are searching for or if you see the server you want early in the search, you have to wait for the browser to finish its search before you can do anything else otherwise it is laggy and your mouse cursor won't move for a few seconds, then "jumps" all over the place.
                      6. Ability to see the server your "friends" are on while in your friends list. (You can see that your friends are online and you click "follow" but sometimes it won't connect. If you could see the server name, then you can manually find the sever yourself to connect.
                      7. Fix the Nightshade bug of sometimes laying the wrong deployable / not laying deployable.
                      8. Fix the raptor sometimes gets blown apart after just one avril hit when it is suppose to be two hits (from full vehicle health).
                      8.a) Fix the random avril hits. Opposing team has avril and aims at teamamte next/near to you and the avril laser sight is on your team mate. The avril then hits you and not your team mate even though it was a clear line of sight to your team mate.
                      9. Fix the fact that if you get out of the Dark Walker to heal it, you get crushed by it often. Nothing worse than managing to find a quiet place to heal your Dark, you jump out and and get crushed by it.
                      10. Be able to see the name of the enemy players when you are close up.
                      11. Announcer tweak. Newer . Noob players listen to the Announcer and it tells you to attack the mine node while your prime is almost gone, then the new players won't help to defend, they will go to mine. There are other examples of the announcer tweaks other people have highlighted here.
                      12. Separate the Death messages and the chat messages better. People find that when the death messages option is enabled, when there is a lot of killing going (i.e. death messages shown on screen) and people are chatting, it is hard to pick out the relevant things to read while you are busy killing / defending / attacking.
                      13. Team speech binder commands "Incoming", "defend the flag", "take their flag", "I'm going in", "I'm on defense" etc (essential for team based games!)
                      14. (Might have been covered in 1.3 patch, not sure). Fix the fact that sometimes when you join from spectate, the nodes and core are neutral in color. See related thread
                      15. Sometimes after picking up a weapon and you switch your weapon and the exact same time to something else, both weapons appear in front of you and you hit shoot but nothing happens. This happens often with avril and flak cannon (among other combination). You hit alternate fire and you can see the avril laser sight, you hit primary fire and the flk cannon shoots, but you ask some one standing in front of you and the don't see you doing anything but stand there. Happens a lot when switching weapons and shooting very quickly.
                      16. Instant 'IMPORTANT' announcer messages, "Red Flag Returned", ie no queuing for these.
                      17. Anti cheat assistance for the community....

                      That's is everything I can remember for now.

                      Thanks for listening to your fans to make improvements to the game to increase the fun factor and increase your following to get more people to pick the game back up after throwing it down after seeing all the issues at the beginning.


                        Originally posted by recoiledsnake View Post
                        rhiridflaidd, teams are already being numerically balanced as of patch 1.2 at the beginning of a map It also switches 1 or 2 players to balance the skill level. But this is not always enough and is found lacking most of the time since most of the teams are exactly the same through many different continuous games.
                        To clarify.

                        Yes, that's why I want Shambler's Teamfixer made official, so that teams are corrected mid game and are propperly shuffled round to round.

                        Some people want to play in stacked teams with friends so if a server admin wants to set it up that way, that's fine. But the server admins should have the option to
                        -balance teams mid game
                        -fully randomise at each map change.

                        re overclocking.
                        Overclocking is fine for ut3. Run OCCT
                        and I'll bet you that you'll find that your OC isnt stable.

                        Agreed option to disable all orders and white arrows

                        Re "Less Random Avril Suicides"
                        I think what needs to happen is that the dammage caused by a blown up avril needs to be attributed to the manta\raptor pilot that exploded the avril, rather than attributed as self dammage. Shambler succcessfully did this for ut2004 in ONS plus.


                          Originally posted by IceFrogg View Post
                          b) change teams
                          Originally posted by JohnDoe641 View Post
                          explaining DemoGuy
                          Switching teams will cause you to revert to the default character because the other team skins aren't loaded. We're looking into way to improve it, but this is expected behavior.


                            Originally posted by WarTourist View Post
                            Switching teams will cause you to revert to the default character because the other team skins aren't loaded. We're looking into way to improve it, but this is expected behavior.
                            How about a check box that loads all skins/models for those people that have high end systems? Or is that something that can be done now with a ini tweak?


                              lol i think the demoguy is tacking over ut3 i see him all the time i still here f yeah
                              and thit iis only the begining sooon he will thacking over the world


                                Originally posted by Chaotic_Cannon View Post
                                8. Fix the raptor sometimes gets blown apart after just one avril hit when it is suppose to be two hits (from full vehicle health).
                                8.a) Fix the random avril hits. Opposing team has avril and aims at teamamte next/near to you and the avril laser sight is on your team mate. The avril then hits you and not your team mate even though it was a clear line of sight to your team mate.
                                The first issue isn't a bug. Avril does more damage based on velocity. It was addressed in this post:

                                Originally posted by ChainsawFilms View Post
                                Have to check out exactly all the calls for the damage later, to see how it's all calculated, but from looking at the code you can see that momentum plays a huge part of total damage. Also have to check the vehicle code later to see if there are weaker areas to hit.

                                So there you have it. Min damage seems to be 125, multiplied by 1.6 if it's a vehicle that is hit. Momentum scaling is 5, though I have no base value at the moment for that. It will be something to do with MomentumTransfer.
                                As far as where the Avril lands, it should be noted that if you launch an Avril in the air, anybody on your team can direct it. It's possible that the enemy aims for your teammate, but another enemy player directs it towards you. This is also a (useful) feature.