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    Letting the playerlist in the server browser display how many points someone has
    Rightclick on servers with additional options, instead of having to click on buttons
    When the server game supports map voting go to the vote screen by default instead of the chat screen.
    Also make it possible to see the chat in the vote screen so people can beg which map to vote for
    Might be in but I couldn't find it: Option to add the current server you're playing on to the favorite lists. (And if it's in perhaps a user interface update to make it easier to find)


      My Top 20 Requests for the Next patch (PLEASE)

      My Top 21 Requests (atm) for the next patch:

      0. Voice selection menu for player models / Ability to configure voicepacks independently of factions.
      1. Speech Binder (with all needed team commands added)
      2. Commands Menu that actually allows you to select what command or taunt you are sending. (doesnt just play a random Ack or Taunt, etc.)
      3. Player Model Voices are Wrong - Female models use Male jump, grunt, hit, pain sounds. (and i believe some of the other models end up playing the demoguy sounds)
      4. Shuffle/Balance teams at map change (by score if possible, randomly if necessary - but something really needs to be done)
      5. Server Browser - Add ALL Gametypes option. Fix Sorting options so they display properly (ex: if i select sort by # of players, list should start with most # of players at the top, not having to scroll up from the middle to see it)
      6. Clientside demos - working as best as possible
      7. Announcements play too late - event announcements in CTF (and some other gametypes) get queued and play very late and are no longer relevent. This is very confusing/annoying esp in CTF and other objective based games.
      8. Default Demo model option (option for players to select who they want the default character to be seen as).
      9. Map Voting - All maps need to be displayed on the vote screen OR maps that receive votes need to be bumped up the display on screen. otherwise map voting is not very effective because players don't scroll the map list (esp with the giant huge monstrous fonts!)
      a) Smaller font or variable size (depending on # of maps) would really help.
      b) Map Vote scrolling doesnt allow you to doubleclick select since when you click the list scrolls - very unfriendly
      c) Seperate Map gametypes in Columns or someway not just 1 Big Giant Humongous list.
      d) Chat screen should be available on map vote screen too so map voting can be "discussed".

      10. Weapons - Allow Translocator and Hoverboard Different Key bind options without having to edit code. Sharing the same key for these is Death for ppl who play CTF (or other mode with TL) and then go to a vehicle game. Please allow them to have different key binds.
      11. Vehicles still make No Sound as they approach and run you over. (and yes i have several good sound setups)
      12. Server Browser - ability to browse from within a game and not have to disconnect.
      13. Chat animation or indicator for when players model chats.
      14. Freecamera - we need it
      15. Bot Customization - we really need it for instant action games its sorely missed!
      16. Chat Box, esc chat box needs ability to scroll through messages. UT is too fast if i miss a msg to be able to see whats there with all the death msgs etc. smaller font wouldnt hurt, save chat option would be nice too.
      17. Player Character Voice - When issuing commands your player models voice is not heard, just the menu sound plays.
      18. UI - Dont lock us out of the end screen/map when game ends, being locked into the scoreboard or menu options is an awful place to be.
      19. UI - When you exit a game you should go back to the browser, not the game select menu. AND game select menu should remember what you last did/searched for when you do exit to menu.
      20. Find out who has Jesters missing butt poly and make them give it back!

      Thank you!!


        not sure if this was said but... how about not being kicked for idling while downloading a map from a server...


          Originally posted by aFH_wikkid View Post
          not sure if this was said but... how about not being kicked for idling while downloading a map from a server...
          Downloading a map isn't idling but you get connection time outs and are kicked for idling at times while downloading on slow redirects.
          Wich is a bit stupid not just because the game doesn't seem to announce the server that the client is downloading content but also server admins who know they have a slow redirect don't change the idle and connection timeout from default.

          So either get the timout time be longer by default or prevent the client from being in idle state when he's downloading.


            no you DO get kicked from idling while downloading

            when the round is over when you are still downloading, everyone automatically spawns, even the people who are downloading. then they are standing still (and idling) and get kicked


              When you're in-game and you use "reconnect" through the console you get a Connection Failed. You need to reconnect a second time (you're in the menu by now) and only then it works.


                Originally posted by UnrealGrrl View Post
                a lot of useful stuff
                My big fat +1 for all of these.

                What I´d like to add:
                When pressing Showscores, please add the total number of players per team and reduce the font size to display 16 players, not only 11.

                In the friends-menu: Please add a 4th column behind "joinable" etc. with the current map a friend is playing.

                In the server browser: please add a button to Ping ONE particular server (like select Epic Midway #xy -> Ping server); and add the score of the map (you are interested in) in the server browser somewhere


                  Originally posted by Cobi^^ View Post
                  In the friens-menu: Please add a 4th column behind "joinable" etc. with the current map a friend is playing.

                  Why can't tags count as those 10 characters?


                    So, here are my suggestions :

                    1- A classic : fix the demoguy "intended behavior". If you don't want to hurt gameplay just do it the way Quake3 does : Everytime you die, load the models/skins you are missing. The loading time won't bother you since you're already dead antway ^^

                    2- Display Ennemy names when you pointing at them. Maybe with a few conditions like you need to be close enough and have pointed for half a second, so that it won't help to see the ennemies, just to identify them.

                    3- the server browser needs more filters like:
                    -searching for a nickname or tag, so I can easily find servers with people from my clan, without the hassle of adding them to my buddy list and blindly try to follow each one of them.
                    -Searching for specific mutators, or filter them out. What if I want to play CPM or with UTcomp ? what if I don't want instagib ?
                    Actually you know what ? Just bring back the server browser from UT2k4.

                    4- You need to know on what server you follow a friend
                    I mean, ok I want to join a friend, but maybe I want to know on which map and which gametype. And here's the worst : If I try to join a friend on a locked server the games asks for a password, but HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THE **** PASSWORD IF I DON'T KNOW WHAT SERVER I'M TRYING TO JOIN ???? DUH !!!!!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ???!!! (sorry about that... it had to get out...)

                    5- A Spectate Button and better spectating mode (1st person etc.)

                    6- It should remember the passwords for servers you already connected to, and ask for a new password only if it changed... Kinda like what internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox have been doing for AGES !

                    7- Cross platform gaming : the community is already pretty small, there's no need to split it into three. And just let the PS3 players play at full speed with KB&Mouse, and maybe a few "80% speed - gamepad only" servers for X360 players and those who prefer gamepad (even on PC a few of us are playing with a gamepad lol)

                    That's all I need. The other stuff can be done through mutators (shuffling teams, brightskins, weapon balance etc.). UT3 is a pretty good game, but it could have been the best FPS ever if all those had been fixed from the beginning.


                      Custom maps has to be looked at in detail. THey are hardly being played in UT3 because
                      -They are big
                      -There is no in-game way of converting the cache into installed content, so those without third party apps are continually haveing to re- download them.

                      There should be an
                      -Ingame method of downloading and installing maps, as exists for official World in Conflict maps.
                      -Epic should take the competition winners and 3 best runners up and allow these maps to be integrated fulluy into the game, as long as the map writers agree.


                        Originally posted by Ronvdl View Post
                        no you DO get kicked from idling while downloading

                        when the round is over when you are still downloading, everyone automatically spawns, even the people who are downloading. then they are standing still (and idling) and get kicked
                        Yes I'm aware of that but it shouldn't be that way thats what I'm saying.
                        The game should have some sort of fix to prevent that from hapening, in ut2004 I never got kicked for idling nor had connection failed in the middle of a map download even with slow redirects.


                          Upgrading the engine with the goodies that they showed off a while ago would be cool!


                            Originally posted by UnrealGrrl View Post
                            11. Vehicles still make No Sound as they approach and run you over. (and yes i have several good sound setups)
                            I don't know how I forgot to put this on my list, since it annoys me almost every single game. It's not just the ambient sounds of the vehicles either, but all sounds generally are very poor in terms of volume and/or distance attenuation. For instance, the Goliath makes a suitably loud sound when it fires, but only a short distance away it diminishes to inaudibility when it should be reverberating through the entire map.


                              voodoo i didn't mean it was a problem, i was explaining it's not a timeout but you really get kicked from idling because of something stupid

                              about the demoguy problem, unreal eninge supports texture streaming! why.. WHY didn't they implement this for character models in multiplayer?!

                              and yes, sound should be fixed. sounds just stop playing from a distance. the sound radius should be much higher
                              like, when entering a darkwalker or a leviathan, the sound artists designed a perfect 'alarm' sound for WATCH OUT HERE I COME! >:d
                              something that should be heared from miles away but when standing 30 feet from that vehicle you hear nothing...


                                Turret aiming behavior issues

                                Turret aiming behavior gets strange when there are obstructions in or near the line of fire.

                                EX- The WAR-Downtown prime node turret fire is blocked by the building next to it. The aim on the turret becomes skewed when firing at targets near where the building would provide cover, but still outside the cover region. This is the area where the right side turret guns should be hitting the building. Instead, the turret beams cross making this area non targetable by the left side guns on the turret. This is very strange aiming behavior similar to the faulty turret at the base in WAR-Dusk (prime node side). Normal behavior would be the right side turret guns hitting the building while the left side guns fired where they should.

                                EX- The WAR-OnyxCoast bridge node rocket turret aim gets very strange when firing near either side of the bridge node steelwork. The steelwork effectively creates a large area of cover behind it. This indicates this issue may be a global type turret behavior that needs addressed.