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    Linux beta version I believe.


      Increase # of Damage types available for the Kismet action 'Cause Damage'. Every damage type seems to be available when using a physics volume but the 'Cause Damage' action only has a handful of available types which makes it frustratingly limited when the need calls for something other than using physics volume for damage.


        Originally posted by SmokeRingHalo View Post
        Increase # of Damage types available for the Kismet action 'Cause Damage'. Every damage type seems to be available when using a physics volume but the 'Cause Damage' action only has a handful of available types which makes it frustratingly limited when the need calls for something other than using physics volume for damage.
        +1 to that!

        Also some weapons don't even register with "take damage" objects. (for example, an Interpactor doesn't recognise Flak Primary - even if you specifically set it to "Flak Shards" or "Flak Shell")

        This is frustrating when trying to make a "shoot-to-activate" object, like a door etc..

        Plus.. I don't think door markers have ever actually worked properly.


          Can't you create your own damage types? I know you could do that in UT2004. It didn't require any separate map packages either.


            Please FIX the problem with the OpenAL As mentioned in some other thread, there seems to be a problem with X-FI cards running in OpenAL mode with this game.

            i have got an Opteron 185, with an X-FI Gamerpro Fatal1ty (X-RAM). If OpenAL hardware is enabled, the game chrashes !randomly!. Sometimes, the Game chrashes after start. Most times, it chrashes during match.


              All i want is playernames just like in ut99. I wanna see who fragged me with a lucky shot so i can get revenge hehe. Please make an option to switch it on/off.

              Yeah flak arc could be lower and faster but i guess that aint gonna happen this late in the game, everybody now used to this arc.


                You can enable player names in one of the ini files, I have them enabled. I forgot what setting it is though.


                  Here's the things I want to see:
                  1. Client-side demo recording (used for tournaments and submitting cheaters)
                  2. A way to display each player's UID (preferably a console command). Admins can't be on servers 24/7. Therefore, it'll help players submit reports of troublemakers to server admins if they can get the offender's UID (given that the UID is based on the CD Key now, it would seem even more important IMO)
                  3. LET US CHANGE OUR INGAME NAMES!


                    I noticed the Redeemer-Model does not disappear, when you stand on the spawnpoint BEFORE it spawns. When it finally spawns, I could correctly pick the weapon up, but the model was still there. It will disappear, when the redeemer spawns again, and you pick it up AFTER spawning.


                      1.4 requests

                      1. *Fix the OPENAL crash with SB X-Fi cards/x-ram*
                      2. GUI: Enable/disable show player names onscreen. (IDC who im aiming at, they're gonna die anyway )
                      3. GUI: Enable/disable player and/or voip portraits. (I don't need to hear or see who just killed me or their little portrait lol)

                      Please, thank you.


                        This seems like a good place to report some bugs. Sorry if these are already here, but it's a rather long thread to read though entirely.
                        • Darkwalker is immune to damage if hit on its UTWalkerBody.
                        • Join a server. Add some bots. Rejoin as a spectator. Killbots. Add some bots again. The F1 scoreboard will now not show the bot with the lowest score, although it will show up in the player list in the mid-game menu.
                        • If a client fires but the event is lost on the way to the server, the client cannot attempt to fire again for a whole FireInterval (unfair on those with unreliable connections).
                        • Destroyed vehicles are often invisible (even offline, so it's not a network replication issue, or not entirely so).
                        • Map list in the map voting menu scrolls when you click on it, making it impossible to vote by double-clicking on a map.
                        • Bots added to a game after it has started are always the "demo guy".
                        • Joining a game from spectating fails to apply the correct team colour to your own character. Other players see the correct colour as far as I can tell.
                        • Bots can see pawns for which IsInvisible() == true. This only seems to happen for custom pawns.
                        • Energy shield deployable often falls through the floor on clients immediately after being deployed, but it acts as though it is still there.
                        • There is a hole leading out of the map above the fence by the upper bio-rifle in DM-Deck that can be jumped over with jump boots.
                        • All characters play the default "demo guy" pain sounds, sometimes in addition to their own sounds.
                        • Can't get on/off hoverboard sometimes if close to an object, even if there is plenty of room. Most frequently happens if alongside a tank, or when collided with a vehicle head on.

                        And some more bugs that I have reported before but which are still present in 1.3:
                        • When picking up armour, both armour and ammo counts on the HUD are pulsed instead of just armour count, and picking up ammo pulses nothing (UTHUD.DisplayAmmo uses ArmorPulseTime instead of AmmoPulseTime).
                        • A multiplayer game with no bots and one human player will gain one bot when the player leaves (makes debugging more difficult when the bot goes around picking up everything while you're gone).
                        • Can hammer-jump over gates behind flag in blue base of VCTF-Kargo to get outside map.
                        • Log spam when locking a node with the orb. Always happens when the round ends, and sometimes during the round too: ScriptWarning: UTOnslaughtPowernode_Content WAR-Islander_Necris.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.UTOnslaug htPowernode_Content_1 (Function UTGame.UTOnslaughtPowernode:VerifyOrbLock:0056) Accessed None 'CheckedFlag'
                        • No "back" button in favourites menu.
                        • Dropping onto water in a Manta and crouching as you hit it lets you drive underwater without taking damage. Also happens if you enter a Manta that is underwater and immediately crouch.

                        There are countless others that I haven't written down yet.


                          Sometimes, when using the nightshade, I select the SlowField and what I drop is for example the EMP (vehicle-lock-thingie). Seems to happen when an item is already dropped and not available any more.


                            Originally posted by WarTourist View Post
                            Unless we can repro the issue here, it's not possible for us to confirm any code change made had an effect. Any additional info on this issue would be much appreciated.
                            pm'ed my info. on demoguy though i know most of it has already been said... but forgot to add that Change Teams is another surefire way to make DemoGuy appear

                            also realize some of this is said to be 'by design' but come on, really? forcing a character model change for no apparent (to the user) reason shouldnt be a design...

                            Originally posted by plugh View Post
                            Just change teams on a server to reproduce the demoguy bug.
                            Originally posted by UnskilledPRO View Post
                            Thats really odd as we (or atleast I) experiance this issue at least once each time I start gaming online. I mainly play TDM with up to 32 players. It doesnt seem like it matters what map is on, it just happens from time to time. Im sure that if you jump between a lot of servers you will run into the same issue.
                            ditto, happens several times during every session for me too on various servers, sometimes with few players, sometimes with many...

                            Originally posted by plugh View Post
                            1. The ability to go to spectate from in-game. ie. A spectate button.
                            2. Add a reply button to incoming messages.

                            3. Team speech binder commands "Incoming", "defend the flag", "take their flag", "I'm going in", "I'm on defence" etc (essential for team based games!)

                            4. UTAreaNamingVolumes to actually do something in-game, ie show next to players chat messages.

                            9. Abililty to spectate in Instant Action, essential for us mappers to check botpathing.

                            10. Instant 'IMPORTANT' announcer messages, "Red Flag Returned", ie no queueing for these.
                            excellent stuff +1 to all of those!


                              -fix the bug where our flag doesnot appear in vctf(probably on ctf too) when it is taken but teamates have line of sight to it or even kill the flag carrier and it drops. I think that this does not happen always.

                              -Ping displayed on server browser(including favourites) is very often wrong. I see a 300 or 400 or so ping on a server that I know I always have 120 in reality. I join and indeed 120 is my ping. but on browser wrong ping appears. This probably affects almost all displayed servers. That means we cant know what servers are good for us to play on. VERY important. PLEASE fix ASAP.

                              -feature suggestion: per-demand killcam like you get in CallOfDuty 4. When you die and before you respawn, pressing F gets you a killcam generated by server that shows you exactly what happened. By being on demand this feature doesnt have to slow down the fast gameplay of ut3.


                                Well, the problem introduced in patch 1.1:

                                Your network configuration may not be compatible with hosting matches

                                "Please check your routers manual for instructions on setting up 'port forwarding' or a DMZ server".

                                Please add the possibility to enable/disable this added STUN server feature