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UT3 Patch 1.4 Request Thread

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    -full demo support
    -- demo client
    -- demo server
    -- all demo bugs (croshiers, weapons, etc)
    -- demo playback player
    -- update demo list when user open it (now request re-start game for update)

    - fixed scoreboard
    -- add pl (packet loss)
    -- add team pings

    - console command mute/unmute sounds for binds on keys

    - in start game: Please any key - REMOVE... my keybord not exists 'any' key
    - add normal crosshair manager, it ut3 patch I don't search it (mb INI need update or fix it)
    - add crosshair support for non-standart weapon, for example InstaGib!!! and INI support for custom coordinates.
    - add support revers primary and alt fire for different weapon (for example Link gun, left button shaft)...

    - mb add support redirect for FTP (now http only) and add support for multiple sites
    1. http://mylocalprov/
    if not exists content on 1 check 2
    2. uz3.gameserv...

    - fix duel gametype
    -- remove dd, reedemer for bots
    -- fix balanser, sometimes all people in spectators

    - remove delay for chat or add INI server setting
    - add color chat, server support (^1lol ^2gg ... etc)

    etc etc etc etc etc!!!! :< ((((


      Also fix the connection issue people are having. Basically you try to log-in but nothing happens- and when you try to create a new profile it tells you that "The online service is currently unavailable". I am effectively unable to play this multiplayer online because of this problem.


        sure someone already said it but i'll say it again just to stress how much it is needed since idiots keep adding the most ****e music to their custom maps -

        add a pausesounds command, please.


          When I press Escape and then "Disconnect" while viewing a demo I recorded in the game, the main menu loads twice. However, if I let the demo end by itself, I don't believe this happens.

          Anyone else have this bug?


            When i type in reconnect in the console it just reconnects like norml;e but when i do get there it just saids connection lost(i have to go to menu and pick server to reconnect)


              I think these are some annoying bugs\glitches and of minor importance but I believe they should be fixed anyhow.

              GENERAL FIXES

              -Fix vehicles hitting sidewalk when leaving the base in Downtown.
              (Specially Hellbender keeps bumping on the sidewalk and sometimes gets stuck on it)

              -Fix Scorpion physics or weight.
              (The Scorpion gets affected by the minimal bump or hole in the road and tends to easely change direction or toll over, also it easely gets "fender bended" by the Hellbender wich isn't necessarly bad but they sometimes get stuck on each other)

              -Fix Goliath draging same team Scorpion around.
              (When Goliath goes over a tolled over team Scorpion it keeps dragging it around the map and the Scorpion isn't reset nor destroyed\able to be recovered until Goliath is destroyed.)

              -Fix Paladin failing to go over ramp road blocks like in Downtown.
              (Sometimes it gets stuck while going over the ramp and players have to drive backwards or drive at full speed to get over them wich doesn't always work)

              -Fix the view of the secondary seat of the Cicada.
              (I'ts dificult to view surroundings when looking towards the front of the Cicada)

              -Fix the Paladin shield.
              (Sometimes the shield is disabled after a few seconds even when fully charged and has taken no damage, also sometimes it needs several clicks to activate even right after entering the vehicle)

              -Fix Viper eject ready sequence.
              (Sometimes the Viper's ejection sequence doesn't occur properly even when constantly holding the mouse button it simply doesn't activate, it goes all the way up and just slowly descends without activating the ejection ready)

              -Fix Enforcer dual animation.
              (When holding two Enforcers if the player holds down the fire key the Enforcers will fire "left and right" constanly like it's intended to be, but if players just tap the button repeatedly only the right enforcer will fire making the second useless)

              -Fix Avalanche announcement "grab the ShapedCharge".
              (Meaning: if you take the enemy prime sometimes you'll hear "grab the ShapedCharge" wich isn't actually intended at you but to your enemy team.. so I believe whoever worked on the map have set the shaped charge announcement in kismet linked to both ChargeSpawns or the game does announce it by default to both teams)

              -Fix Armor and Super pickups.
              (Sometimes Armor and Super pickups are available but the mesh of the pickup isn't visible only a small emiter effect or light cone is seen wich takes players to believe it hasn't spawned yet)

              AI FIXES

              -Fix Bots not using orb properly.
              (Bots tend to stand still in front of a Prime node and not using orb on it, they just wait on someone to go over it an use the Link Gun instead)

              -Fix Bot grapple when carrying orb.
              (Bots rarely grapple to a vehicle when carrying the orb, I belive if the player is driving in front\near of them and honks the horn the bots should graple if carrying it)

              -Fix Bots using the Goliath secondary position.
              (Bots often fire the machinegun towards an empty area with no visible enemy vehicle or player ie: floor or simply into the side as if the aim or movement was stuck)

              -Fix the Bots improper use of Cicada secondary.
              (Bots rarely get on the second seat of the Cicada and when they do they don't seem to use the Anti Rocket "flares" when being targeted by Avrils or Raptor missiles)

              -Fix Bots driving skills.
              (They sometimes try to force the vehicle to go trough an obstacle like a abandoned vehicle in the road or when the player or another Bot is stationary with their vehicle defending a node or healing it)


              -Add a option to mute a certain player chat.
              (Mute voice\text so that players have a more enjoyable online gaming experience by being able to mute spammers)

              -Tweak the voice taunts.
              (prevent voice taunts to be aplied constantly, use a timer to make a decent gap between the next taunt so it hepls prevent voice taunt spamming so that players have a more enjoyable online gaming experience)

              -Add more visual settings configurations to the options tab.
              (Specially those that could improve the performance or would help the users to keep a good visual quality\performance balance)

              -Add a keybind like previous version to quickly view the chat window if the player missed a line of text chat.

              -Improve vehicle camera position.
              (Allow the view to be panned like the previous version and or enable First Person in them)

              -Allow the Sniper zoom to be scrolled.
              (Increase or decrease the zoom with the scroll wheel instead of the changing weapon when in scope mode ie: right click >> enter scope mode >> scroll wheel zooms >> right click to leave scope mode)

              -Add a server side option to enable map vote limit or at least a minimum number or maps to be played before re-voting the map.

              -Add a server side option to enable/disable kick-voting.

              -Add the ability to see on which server your friends are.
              (If possible one\all or some of the following: ServerName\Gametype\Ping\Pure Y/N)

              -Add a in-game spectate button.

              -Add the ability to view the server Browser while in game.

              -If server gets full while conecting player should be kicked to server browser instead of the Main Menu while promting the "server full message".
              (Even if the message will stick for a few seconds to allow map unload\menu load)

              -Enable client side Demo recording.

              -Make Flak cannon have a heavier impact on Mantas.
              (I believe the Flak should stall or push the Manta back a decent bit)


              Red=Happens alot.
              Orange=Happens occasionally.
              Yellow=Happens once in awhile.

              I mostly play Warfare so these vehicle glitches I mostly spoted there.
              Also I play as much offline as online and these occur with a pure game with no custom content enabled.

              Hope any of this is usefull.


                Did anyone mention already, that hoverboarding players can push around non-hoverboarding players without any speed penalty?


                  Im surprised this hasn't been said already. In Dusk Free Mine, the barricade by the Red team tank Node will NOT be destroyed by a shaped charge. No matter where I put it, it will not get destroyed. The blue side barricade is fine, and so is the one in Downtown, so I know I am not doing it wrong.


                    -make it so after an instant match you can go back to settings and change players, maps, difficulty's and so fourth


                      An option to record what data is being sent and what the games doing into a text file to send to technical people here and show them whats happend if thay cant replicate an issue.

                      Just something about the DemoGuy complaints that got me thinkng why not let someoen that can replicate it send you the details of how it was done.

                      Just to say its getting anoying as 90 percent of the time i'm getting demoguy as my own skin and I really dont want it.

                      This may also help alot with other issues.


                        Fix the atrocious "Friend" & Message" system. Why do I get the same "Hey, would you like to become my friend?" message no matter how many times I delete it. Whether I accept or decline, they always comes back. And if I accept the friend request, why do I have to return the same message back to the person who sent it to me? If I deny the request when the person is ALREADY my friend, it deletes them. It's a horrible system that needs much attention.


                          All I want is for the teams to be even and mixed every match.


                            Originally posted by SmokeRingHalo View Post
                            Fix the atrocious "Friend" & Message" system. Why do I get the same "Hey, would you like to become my friend?" message no matter how many times I delete it. Whether I accept or decline, they always comes back. And if I accept the friend request, why do I have to return the same message back to the person who sent it to me? If I deny the request when the person is ALREADY my friend, it deletes them. It's a horrible system that needs much attention.

                            You also can't reply to a sent message which is ... well, I can't say what, but it's really sad. :/


                              Can we put in a request for UT3 to be upgraded to the 3.5 engine? I wanna be able to blow things up in my maps. Such as blowing holes in floors, walls, etc.


                                Custom Models/Skins/VoicePacks.

                                I would like the server to be able to prompt users who do not have the custom models,skins,voice packs to my assigned redirect. For what I tryed the redirect is working but for custom maps. The custom models/skins, are not being detected and is not prompting my clients to the download. The players joining my online server are not being prompt to download the models I added to server. Which sucks because they are not able to see my kick *** skins. EPIC fix this issue in the 1.4 patch.