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    -View player names while spectating (now they just flicker really fast and you can't read them at all)
    -Become spectator while in a game
    -Randomize teams on map change option


      Originally posted by recoiledsnake View Post
      Since the feature set of patch 1.3 has been frozen, request features for the 4th PC patch in this thread. This thread is for technical issues only and not for requests for maps or other additional content. Personally I want a quick patch that patches a few critical issues instead of a big patch that takes months to make.

      To start off,

      1. Show enemy player names while looking at them like in UT2k4
      2. Fix the 'demo guy' problem
      3. Shuffle teams at end of the round like UT2k4
      All of the OPs reasons are my main concerns. The only other thing that really needs improvement is the voice chat. I would love to have public chat, team-chat, 1-player chat, bot voice commands, and an order menu.


        Originally posted by recoiledsnake View Post

        1. Show enemy player names while looking at them like in UT2k4
        Yes, can you please make this a priority!

        .....been waiting for this feature forever.


          I propose that we do a very quick and cheerful 1.4 patch, only doing what the community has coded already, and taking the best from Make Something Unreal.

          1. Allow balancing teams as an official option so that if teams are uneven that players are swapped.
          2. Allow servers to randomise teams at the start of each round as an official option.

          Both the above are done by Shambler whose coding skills was known to the ut2004 patch team.

          3. It is very difficult to hit anything with the cicada - this is because of the view angle. THe projectiles snake and hit the scenery, and in ut2004, you could vary your atttack height so the projectiles would hit. In UT3, the view angle is too shallow, and you can't see where the shots are going.

          Paulo has a fix for this in his mutator.

          4. Add a new gametype- Freeztag arena.

          (Tongue only slightly in cheek on this one. But this gametype is good enough to make a serious breakthrough into the mainstream)

          5. Shorten the time that it takes for you loose the orb if you don't use it to 90 seconds (see oldkawmans' post)

          For me, that's all I'd really want for 1.4, because they could be rolled out in a month or so, because the sooner the better the cicada viewfix in particular gets corrected. Nobody likes the cicada any more - i'm sure that the frag stats would confirm that. I thought it was a messed up projectile path, but it isn't that either - it's simply the view angle.

          1.5 patches
          1. When somebody grapples, there should be an indicator on the hub that says
          --Player name
          --If he is carrying the orb or flag!
          --THe same HUD shpuld show the name of the tank\cicada\hellbender gunner.
          --Ideally the ranking of that player in the game would be displayed too

          2. If there are multiple players in the orb spawn area, the orb goes to the highest scoring, non bot-player, not the closest.

          3. When a player presses chat when grappled, then fire should be toggle locked - i.e. you don't fall off when you try to chat in mid air, dangling from a raptor that an idiot teammate is flying high and in the wrong direction when you have the orb (but 1 hopefully will make this a rarer occurance.)

          4. X box style rewards for stats.


            My previous post relating to demoguy from other post (just as reference)

            So here's a few golden rules relating to the Demo Guy:
            1. You always suppose to see your own model. If you turn into a Demo Guy something is wrong.
            2. The last person that joins the game sees the correct models of everyone, only person that's not gonna see the Demo Guy.
            3. Anyone that joins after you will be seen as the Demo Guy
            4. If there is more Custom characters than what is alowed everyone will be defaulted to Demo Guy.(PS i would love an option to change this setting from the menu and not in a config file)
            5. Unticking Allow Custom Characters in Menu turns everyone except yourself into a demo guy.
            6. If the player has an unknown model they will be seen as the demo guy.
            As for the Demo Guy showing up in instant action, i also get that time to time when my game is full of custom characters, mods and so on so haven't been able to pinpoint the cause of it. Anyone know how to replicate this problem?
            Can see how sometimes problem will persist in next round, since if I'm not mistaken everything will be loaded again and if one computer isn't fast enough to load before the round starts that person will then be seen as the Demo Guy.
            So there's 4 options basically
            1. Load Forever
            2. Hitch in game everytime someone joins
            3. Anti Social, good performance. Wait for next round to tell players apart if your lucky.
            4. Place the ideal solution to problem here...
            Found a few ways to reproduce the problem where your own character turns into Demo Guy

            Just feigned death to see the problem since your Arms in 1st person is always correct.

            a. Having enable custom characters turned off will also turn your own character into the demoguy(don't think this was intended, since you must always see your own model on your machine). This also happens when you go over allow custom models. Online/Offline

            b. When you play a teambased match, on the first map change teams. Everything will works as intended. You will have your original model.
            When the second map loads and you try to change teams you will always be turned into demoguy. Online / Offline

            c. Changing teams on the "waiting for other players" screen will 100% turn you into Demo Guy. Mostly Online

            On another note if you really really hate the Demo Guy use Map Mixer. It fixes the Demo Guy problem with options 1 and 2 above.
            Except it doesn't load forever and the hitch is barely noticable. Not to mention the improved GUI and the freedom it provides when hosting Offline and Lan games.


              Originally posted by WarTourist View Post
              Hi. To date we have not been able to reproduce the default character issue people report. It seems to be a combination of the maxcustomchar ini file setting being reached and/or the order folks joined, both of which is by design.

              There was a report of it occurring in instant action, which sounds like a promising lead, but we're unable to duplicate the behavior (0 out of 20 attempts).

              Unless we can repro the issue here, it's not possible for us to confirm any code change made had an effect. Any additional info on this issue would be much appreciated.
              I want to help you with another example of "demo-guying".
              All bots become demoguy, if you start a game without bots and put them in the game with "addbots x".
              I hope it can help.


                rhiridflaidd, teams are already being numerically balanced as of patch 1.2 at the beginning of a map It also switches 1 or 2 players to balance the skill level. But this is not always enough and is found lacking most of the time since most of the teams are exactly the same through many different continuous games.

                And I think MSUC content should come in a bonus pack and not in a patch. I am also hoping for a really quick patch that fixes the top 4 or 5 critical issues.


                  I would really like to see:

                  Better offline customization as in :
                  - Ability to confgure voice packs and bind taunts/ orders
                  - Abilty to customize bot stats, pics for bot characters, better team lists
                  - Ability to zoom in and out of vehicles ala UT2004
                  - Ability to randomize bots in a maplist without having to add and remove via console

                  More to come


                    Better Overclock support


                      -fixes to clientside demos / better availability to serverside demos
                      -permanent fix / workaround to that blasted 'duplicate login detected' error
                      -UTV support
                      -UWindows-like GUI that works also on online


                        +1 for team randomization


                          Originally posted by oldkawman1 View Post
                          --->FIX announcements
                          The announcements are related to what you set your orders to be. If you have them set to 'special ops', it's going to tell you to go for the side objectives, even if it may not be beneficial for your team for you to do so. If you have it set to defender, it's likely going to keep telling you to defend certain nodes. By default, this is on 'no preference', which I think gives you decent orders (though certainly wrong at times), but I turned them off long ago, so I don't really remember.

                          Also, for Christmas, I want something like Titan Teamfix that will randomize the teams each map. And client-side demo recording. That is all.


                            I don't think I agree with displaying opponent players names, I think it would lead to too much petty grudge playing.

                            I agree the Cicada view stinks. Maybe first person would be better, or even the option to toggle between views.

                            One area of the UI I'd love to see improved is voting for maps. If a server has a lot of maps and you vote for one near the end of the list, others won't be aware of it because it's scrolled off their screen. A smaller font could even fix/help this. Also, when there is a tie voting for a map, the winner is selected alphabetically. If two maps get say, 6 votes, the one that wins should be the first one to get to 6.

                            Another very occasional annoyance is the white arrows suggesting your route. Recently I was manning the turret gun in Tank Crossing and I couldn't see what I was trying to shoot because this big white arrow was in my way! Maybe they shouldn't appear if your in a stationary vehicle like the turret.

                            My .02

                            edit: One more thought. In the Avalanche map if you have World Detail set to 3 or higher (PC) there is a fog entering the area of the center node that seriously impairs your ability to see your targets. It's the only map I'm aware of were you're penalized for having a better graphics card.


                              My only requests...
                              1. Implement full support of the PerObjectConfig class model in UnrealScript, (to assist MapMixer and other mutators/utilities in clearing lists)
                              2. Fix the crash when using Hardware OpenAL with a X-Fi sound card that has the 64mb XRAM


                                Please let me change my name in game.

                                2. Less Random Avril Suicides

                                3. When a vehicle comes out of no were and runs me over , I do not want to read HoNkIfYoUrHiGh Ran over himself, lol

                                4. Every time I make a change, that could be made in the options menu, But instead I have to close the game and go into the Ini to do it, really frustrates me, when ut2004 was so user friendly, now you have to know how to program Ini's in order to do anything.

                                5. Change the **** news page already!!!!

                                6. Friends List/Messaging system...what good is it? You guys can do better then that, come on. Anyway we can make it more user friendly, be able to easily message friends, maybe from the console? An easier way to read your messages, and join friends games etc?

                                7. I walk into an Enemy Levi, and I get ran over, when I ran into it myself walking, when it was going the opposite way, what is up with that?

                                8. Why does everyone die who was in the levi when a core is destroyed?

                                9. When I get ran into, I don't slide, I lag like crazy, I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywere....yeah that needs to stop.

                                10. How do I know what servers use stats? Those little icons that were in ut2004 that told you if the server had stats etc...yeah we need something like that...Stats need work on as well. Orbs used does not add up.

                                11. Oh yeah, and when I make an Account that uses illegal characters, I want it to tell me it, instead of me finding out myself when I can't join a SINGLE server, and when I come here for help, I expected to be helped, after all I did pay for this. I know this has nothing to do with the patch, but while we are all *****

                                12. That fire hydrant of death in Downtown, right in front of where the tank spawns...yeah that needs to be fixed.

                                13. Also the Fake deemers in Downtown, you know the ones you step on but aren't really there, yeah need to go, also the turret in the middle of the map, sometimes when someone moves it, it doesn't actually move back, but you have to go where the turret spawns and press E, when it looks like it is somewere else.

                                14. Orb carriers being able to go in turrets should not be aloud.

                                15. Need an Anti Cheat/Spam and an AFK system

                                16. Need servers with 64 slots and stats enabled.

                                17. No chat system like the one in ut2004

                                18. Guns need to fire all the time, sometimes when I switch guns, I have to wait a second just to fire it ><

                                19. Invisible vehicle pieces...yeah pain in the butt. Sometimes I just get stuck for no reason, even withought a blown up INVISIBLE vehicle in front of me.

                                20. Nightshade!!!! When I get out to heal it, it says it's once again full of mines, but it's all a lie! Or sometimes I try and lay something, BUT IT NEVER DROPS. So it's too close to something else I dropped, but it should tell me :P

                                21. NEED NEW TYPES OF MAPS LIKE ASSAULT ETC

                                That is all I can think of :P