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UT3 Patch 1.4 Request Thread

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    the one thing I'd really love to see has already been mentioned to an extent.
    Anything approaching the functionality of the Bot controls in ut2004 would be wonderful.

    -Bot team lists and the ability to customise them.


    -The ability to use multiple iterations of the same bot in said list.


      Crash fixes

      UT3 looks good so far. But the only complaint I have is:

      1. The crashes associated with what I believe is the particle effects with the Flak Cannon. I have a dump file with this so feel free to take a look. Other then that UT3 looks really good!

      For the Developers: Crash Dump file.

      Also here is my Dxdiag:

      Thank you Epic!


        - First and third personn view allowed in vehicule, adjusted by the mouse wheel
        - Randomize teams when changing maps
        - Map vote and Kick vote allowed during online games
        - Custom HUD, the way in was in UT2004, mini map transparency, size etc...
        - More crosshairs
        - better in game stats sytem (F3 from UT2004)
        - bring back dodge ramp like in UT99-2003/2004

        PS: what happened to the patch 1.3? frozen whereas it should have been released...


          Hi guys. Please keep this thread solely for bringing up issues you'd like to see updated in a future UT3 PC patch. PM me if you have specific questions or comments.


            It's hard to believe that the community isn't screaming for COMPRESSION FOR REDIRECT!!!!!

            And fix the download issue where upon downloading a new map it doesn't stop in the middle of the download.


              I couldn't find a fix for the laggy portals in the 1.3 change log, if this issue is not fixed with the upcoming patch, plz fix it with the next one.


                Please fix Dusk right turret bug.


                  This is what I'd like to see when it's time for map change.

                  Before UT3 was released I heard that we were gonna be able to stay on the map and chat whilst the new one was loading, but as it is now it feels like you get thrown between tabs and when you're new to it it feels really messy.

                  What if a screenshot was taken when a map is finished and then was used as a background so it almost felt like you were still on the old map.
                  You could have the chat scrolling on the left side as it's during a match and the voting window could be placed center/right/top and the scoreboard center/right/bottom.
                  If you wanted to do other stuff than that you hit Esc and get to what it looks like now.


                    Once again, so it's not forgotten in next patch: plzzzzz fix the sound bug. Ppl not looking like the demoguy should not grunt like him... This is so annoying, really.


                      Ability to choose a player to spectate like in previous ut200x games.

                      Sound problems that people seem to have often (i dont get it though)

                      vehicles that just exploded and disappeared might still be ther but invisible so u cant walk ot shoot through the place it exploded for a few seconds.

                      If u change weapons fast the weapon name text is too slow. it shows the wrong name for the weapons.

                      These are all quite small problems but would improve the game since old ut games didnt have such problems. I would mostly just like more maps especially vctf since there are very few official vctf maps still.
                      And of course the gamemodes that the great old ut games had like bombing run and stuff... why make a new version of a game and remove many good things, the reason why i play ut3 instead of ut200x is the graphics, but i miss the good old gamemodes...


                        I know of an easy, and quite needed, fix.

                        The eye-hight needs to be set to 30.

                        This is in fact the reason why the flak arc seems to be so warped.


                        Incidentally, I'm not sure if this is possible, but another probably easy fix is the hoverboard player models. They look far too big.




                            I hate the "end of match" screen:


                            I have 2 incredibly expensive video cards, which I bought specifically for the graphics of UT3. Let us stay in the map at the end of the map, as we did in the previous versions so we can enjoy the visuals rather than this (UGH!). If I want the score, I can press F1. Otherwise, let's stay in the game and watch the featured player dance and taunt, or simply stand there with his finger in his ear...whatever...but stay in the map.

                            This is just one of the myriad of ways that the UI for UT3 is inferior to those of the previous games. The details of the hows and whys of the inferiority have been beaten to death here, so I won't repeat them. However, I don't recall having seen this point before.


                              Originally posted by {DvT}JonahHex View Post
                              I hate the "end of match" screen:
                              I second this post. I would appreciate it if the end of game would give me MORE of everything.
                              • More stats. (who killed what with [weapon] and how many times. How long did the match take. What accuracy did you have, maybe game achievements (best killer, best slaughtered, most damage done..., longest flag-hold-time, best warcore damage, etc etc).
                              • Able to see the winning player dance (maybe splitscreen to show other players dance as well?)
                              • A good endgame sound (now it just ends without a sound that gives the feeling of OH YEAH I DID SOMETHING GOOD". It is in the little details...
                              • Better sounds is something that goes for the game as well (footsteps, vehicles, hitsounds, flagcap-sounds, timing of announcer, ...

                              This would be a good improvement of it all.


                                I would like to see Uwindow2 integrated into the next patch and the author paid for his work.