So Epic knew the original Gears lobby/party system was not up to Xbox Live (or most modern online) standards because they announced a full party system for Gear 2 today. Yet knowing that system sucked and having 6 plus months to improve UT3 for the 360 and what do they do - keep the online system that is worse than UC2 on the original Xbox.

WTF EPIC! UT3 hasn't been out a week and the community is already vapor on the 360. With P2T nobody bothers even talking so you just play entire team games without hearing a person on your team. Might as well be playing the bots and for all I know I am since every single game online seems to have them. I don't care what you do to Gear 2.

UT should stomp all over Gears but instead UT3 plays like a tech demo. UT3 gets the rotten tomato award for most out of touch, unfriendly, unaccommodating multiplayer UI and it is so poorly designed the award will be retro active for the past five years. You deserve the crappy sales numbers. Unfortunately you are too busy whoring yourself out to anyone with the money that I doubt you will notice or care that you just crapped all over your longest standing fanbase and biggest franchise.