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TAW (The Art of Warfare) is still Recruiting all UT3 PC players

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    Originally posted by oldkawman1 View Post
    There are lots of non clan players on BGE and UMG who are regs. If you don't play in public, you'll just recruit n00bs.
    We don't mind noobs. We will take anyone of any skill level. That's what being part of our community is about, improving together and having fun doing it. We don't want the uber-good dominating players who think they are soooo good that they don't have to work with a team, we want people who enjoy the game and want to meet friends.

    Matches will come and we accept challenges. Please go to and challenge us in the forums. We are ready and willing.

    xfire: quagmiretaw


      Originally posted by j0j081 View Post
      why anyone decent would play on UMG's pub is beyond me. It is one of the worst performing servers out there. Much better off playing on Relentless, Taffy's or any of the other higher tick servers. You can't even aim properly on UMG the shot registration and lag are so bad. It is all about spam, then when you go to a better performing server you get owned because aiming actually matters.
      Say WHAT ?!?!!?

      On UMG and BGE you'll find most of the top ranked players (some of them without clan), and there is nearly NOONE complaining about aiming lags. You'll wonder, how often you will get ****ed by some well aimed shock (combo) shots.

      Because there are many times no free slots, we all wait for free slots while beeing Spectators, and then we chat a bit in the Spec Teamsay-Channel, and noone complains about any lags. Even I (am from Ger) have still quite an acceptable Ping of ~200 (server is located in US), and am able to perform many (good) frags, so plz shut up.