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Correlation of ping and accuracy ... and score ?

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    Correlation of ping and accuracy ... and score ?

    Usually my ping ranges from 30-40 (deathmatch), 40-60 on good (and emtpy...) warfare servers, to 200 (WAR UMGLeague-Server) and obviously that makes a HUGE difference in accuracy, specially because I'm not good at shooting off target to hit it [!sic] with flak, sniper or shock-rifle.

    But my question is: If I have a high ping and thus have no accuracy myself, am I then harder to hit by all the other players in return? (if they have way better pings)
    (if yes, then someone could exploit that by getting used to shooting off target and at the same time being unhittable with non-splash-damage weapons ...)

    Or turning the question around: Is it due to my above-average ping, that I am usually top-3 on scoreboard? Or is it really my skill?

    Good question. Already asked myself this one because once as I had a big lag (I don't know if the others had too, would be nice to know) I killed more people than normally ... so it could be possible.

    But if you have bad ping and get lag, the server holds your actual position until it gets new information from your system where your position is, no? And that should actually make you easier to get hit ... and harder to hit others (when a rocket comes out of the barrel half a second later than you pressed the button, your opponent is already everywhere but the spot where you shoot the rocket at).

    I could be wrong though.
    Other opinions?


      Originally posted by Der_Schreiner View Post
      But if you have bad ping and get lag, the server holds your actual position until it gets new information from your system where your position is, no?
      But I have seen people that lagged so much that they moved like flashes from one point to another throughout several matches (myself had 30 ping and 32Mbit/sec-LAN connection) ... without frames inbetween ... and those guys are impossible to shoot at properly ... and if someone like that learned to aim ... good night!


        Der_Schreiner is right. When you have a ping of 200ms you are easier to hit. Because you have 200ms (miliseconds, if you didn't know) less time to react to whatever happens on the server.

        If you see other players warping around the map, that's not because they are lagging, but because they have packet loss. They could have a ping of 20ms, but if the server for some reason doesn't receive the information that the client (the player with packet loss) sent, it essentially doesn't know what that player is doing.

        So, suppose you see a player walking in a straight line towards you. A moment later, that player steers to the left. But he is currently experiencing packet loss, so the server never learns about the fact that he adjusted his direction. Because the server doesn't exactly know where the player is, but still has to show him to you on your screen, it tries to predict where he is. Since the last thing the server knows about that player was that he was walking forward, it predicts that the player keeps moving forward.
        A few more moments later, the packet loss is gone so the server recieves the updated information about that players location. It notices that it predicted the players movement wrong, and so quickly updates his location to the correct one. This is when you see that player warping on your screen.

        Bottom line: When you see a player warping, he has an unstable connection. It could be fast, but still unstable.