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Want to buy PC version...some questions

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    Want to buy PC version...some questions

    Hey everyone. I always wanted to pick this up but every time I came onto the forums when the game was released all I heard were negative posts. "This isn't UT! It is a console game!!" and so on. Well UT has been my favorite game series so I had no idea what to do when the game was released. Now I am seriously considering getting this game for the PC.

    My questions are:
    Do a lot of people play this game? I heard that it was pretty much empty.

    How many times has the game been patched? New maps?

    Of course the biggest it worth it? Better than UT2k4 (not in terms of graphics)? That game was something special.

    Thanks for your time!!!

    Play the demo...
    See for yourself first.
    Alot of people say it sucks and alot say its awesome.

    In my opinion its awesome yes has a few bugs here and there and doesn't have as much content as ut2004, but its grafically better, has the fast paced action non-stop that you expect from a UT game.

    As for patches Epic is currently testing the 1.3 patch and has released a bonus pack with 3 new maps.

    I believe it has 40 maps out of the box and theres already a ****load of custom mutators, characters and maps out there.
    Theres also Bombing Run.. UT2D... Domination... Invasion.. Battle Team Freeze Tag and some other custom gametypes.

    The community is growing everyday and theres also the Make Something Unreal Contest thats will surelly bring alot of TC's and good quality custom content.

    From my point of view the game is well worth it.