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Add matchmaking and party system.

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    Add matchmaking and party system.

    Here is a list of things EPIC needs to fix or add with UT3 for the xbox 360. And these are things EPIC needs to realize they needed to have because they are noobs when it comes to consoles.

    Party System - Its such a pain in the *** to play with your friends. Which is what multiplayer is all about. None of my friends, myself included, could not believe that such a title would have such low rate support.

    Matchmaking system - Take a tip from the other 2 current top FPS games. Halo 3 (even though it sucks it has the best multiplayer support) and COD4 have really good matchmaking. Searching for servers on a list should be reserved to PCs. Even if this is not done, allow us to find details about the servers we are looking at. We need to see what mutators are on, how laggy (simple ping), what maps, and if bots are on or off (probably someone can think of a few more as well).

    Heres the glitches:

    1. character moves without player input

    2. uncommon but in CTF matches (primarily from my experience just that game type), players on your team appear to be the opposite team because their color matches the opposing team.

    3. the leaderboard on 360 (I know unranked at least) doesn't update often. If its on a delayed update, which may be possible, it still misses many kills. I got a x3 monster kill yet my stats 2 days ago yet my stats still do not reflect that as well as many others.

    Overall, the game is really good. The first 3 changes would result in a lot less complaining about lag. And are also 3 things that should have been added in the first place. This is a next gen game with pre-halo2 multiplayer support. Why is halo2 so memorable? matchmaking. Why will UT3 shun players away? matchmaking.

    Please make these requests in the official 360 patch thread: