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A few new tutorials,

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    A few new tutorials,

    There have been a few more new additions to the database, featuring 2 new tutorials and one mod.

    Vertical Lift with Emitters Attached

    Introduction: I recently needed a vertical lift that would have short emitter sparks going off as the lift went up. As there are many lift tutorials, I’m mainly going to cover the Kismet material.
    Camera Animations

    Camera Animations are used to move the players screen. They can be used to enhance situations whether its in a map (such as an earthquake, moving elevator) or in Uscript (when the player fires his gun or falls a great distance). They basicly replace the View Shake in UT2k4, and are much more flexible and useful.
    Maya to UT3 Custom Animation Rigg

    After a couple of days of hard work I've finally finished the first version of my Maya 2008 to UT3 custom animation rigg! It's all complete with a fancy script which should get you started in minutes. If it all looks like mumbo-jumbo to you, I've been nice to create two videos which both introduces the export pipeline and a quick walkthrough on the controllers. I warn you for awkward English inside, so beware!
    If you haven't already seen the site, come check us out!