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[Xbox 360] Friendly Bots insane develop donwsindrome ?

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    [Xbox 360] Friendly Bots insane develop donwsindrome ?

    well me and my clan mate were playing the campiagn on insane and the friendly bots are so RETARDED !

    Our bots either at the start of every round, RUN OF THE FIRST EDGE THEY CAN FIND causing us to go between -3 and -6, not too bad, But as soon as we com sloe to winning 37-36 us , they decide to do it again, causing us to lose the lead and game

    Our bots start out good, get a few kills, then as we struggle to capture the flag, we capture it and i die, as my teamate goes to get it, the bot just boost/teleports/hovers, RIGHT on to it, then if that isnt bad enough, decides to take it BACK TO THE ENEMY SPAWN, then jumping off the map. also, if our flag gets took, its half way out the door before were notified, or before the bots responds at all.

    whats to say? Our bots run straigh to the enemy node, die, come back, go to the enemy node, die, repeat.

    Is this some neverending glitch ? , ive restarted my xbox, cleared my update cache, even tried it single player. some sort of disease has cause my bots to loose all thought.

    Any tips/happen to anyone?

    nah, the bots are purposefully stupid in the higher difficulties in order to make them harder. Your best bet is to try it with 4 good human players or get better a the game


      lol no offence but i near enough come top in every match i play, and there not get stupider i could accept that, its the fact that ITS CAUSING US TOO LOOSE, its not making at a slight disadvantage.


        they are definately half retarded i remeber on deathmatch in chapter 2 where its 2 on 4 and my bot partner got like 3 kills leaving me with like 28 or 29 wasnt impressed at all