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Xbox 360 player count

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    Xbox 360 player count


    Long story short, i told my friend if UT3 gets above 9.1 on team Xbox, he needs to buy it, but he also implemented his part into the deal. The Xbox version must be active and have players, many more than PC.

    He's an Aussie, as am i and proud of it, so an Aussie (area) player count would be nice. (Basically could someone from Australia tell me how many servers are up with 12 or more payers in them.. such and such)

    For UT3 PC bout 1 server (DM) with 8ppl in it @ 12pm during a weekdays, bout 2 servers @ 7pm, one DM with 10ishppl, other VCTF full during weekdays.
    At 7pm bout 2 servers both full, DM and VCTF and a third from war 16ish players, on a Satuday.

    If you could say somthing like that that would be nice. Or an answer ,like "Way more than PC everyday of the week".

    But another topic, apparently Xbox live doesn't rly lag that much if u play with ppl from overseas. And if u do lag ur out - could som1 confirm this? And if there are lots of Americans or whatnot playing, and he can play with them then the player count should be fine. If u get the jist of what i am trying to say.

    I know its been out for a short time but..

    Anyways yeah Thx