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Why don't skins work on LAN games?

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    Why don't skins work on LAN games?

    I've got 3 computers and my friends often play on my LAN with me.

    However we can't figure out why the player skins mostly don't seem to transfer to each others computers in game.

    I've got basically every skin available in the user mods section that's worth downloading, however most of them end up looking like the default character when playing a LAN game. There's a couple exceptions like the Spartan model from halo and the spawn model.

    Even the computer players seem to get screwed up where random skins will work on random computers.

    All the computers have the exact same mods installed.

    Is there anything I've done wrong, or is this just a UT3 problem that everyone else has?

    Thanks guys!!

    Yeah this issue sux. Only thing I've noticed is that playing with less bots yields more predictable results. But I still get Harlin showing up as Cloud, or Akasha showing up as demo guy occasionally.


      One thing that might fix this is an .ini file tweak. Open up your UTGame.ini from your 'MyDocuments' folder. Under the [UTGame.UTGame] section there is MaxCustomChars=12. Change the number to something higher, like 64. This is how many custom skins are allowed. The higher number will fix some of it, but you will still get the 'Demo Guy' at times.


        Thanks for the help! I'll definitely try that. Anyone else have any tweaks?