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UT3 CE Bonus Disc with UnrealEd Tutorials

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    UT3 CE Bonus Disc with UnrealEd Tutorials

    I'm currently following along the mapping tutorial for UnrealEd which is on the bonus disc included in the Collector's Edition of UT3. I'm encountering a problem where there are certain materials and static meshes that won't appear for me, but they will for the guy in the video. Is there an update for the editor that I need to get or something? It's pretty confusing as to why I can't see these things, when the guy in the video can.

    I know I might not have explained this situation very well... but any help would be really appreciated.

    The CE videos don't use the final retail version of UT3 (they obviously had to make the videos before the game went gold for it to ship along with the game) so there's just some of the stuff that they use that have been removed from they made the videos til the game went gold.

    You should take it as a good opportunity to look around at what actually ships with the game and not just follow the tutorial.