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Warrior Nation is Recruiting !!

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    Warrior Nation is Recruiting !!

    Greetings, players of UT 3
    I'm WNxDarkAngel, of Warrior Nation clan.

    As you can see, I'm here to find more people who share the same interest to join our rank WN is recruiting!

    Some of you might know about us, some might not. So let me brief you a bit about us.
    Warrior Nation is a global multi gaming community. We have been around for many, many years. Now, we have more than 3,000 members, in over 60 sections, supporting all kinds of games with Multiplayer feature.

    Although all of this is just games, but we consider ourselves a community, not just a gaming clan, because we're more than just a clan, we are a community... (isn't it obvious?) Now since we're a community, there is Laws to be followed. Any kind of society has rules, same thing for us. WN is very organized and thus all members are to follow the Laws, even though most Laws are just common sense to many.
    Some of the most important Laws are...
    Law 1 - No cheating and no Treason
    We follow the rules. Thus no cheating, no scamming, no hacking, no bot'ing, no 3rd party program of any kind that is illegal, and no leaking inside information we obtain to outsiders.

    Law 2 - No Multiclanning
    Similar to the No Treason, we want loyal members. When you join us, you play for us and not for another clan apart from games we don't support. There is a clause, say you play game X in another clan, because WN does not support it, you can continue to play it in that clan if WN starts supporting it.

    Law 3 - Registration and Rollcall
    We're a community, a forum-based community, actually. All members are to register at WN forum, and be active in the forum as well. We also do activity check once a month, called Roll-Call. It is each member's responsibility to answer the call at the beginning of each month, that he/she is still there. It's a one minute process but can't be forgotten.

    Law 6 - Respect and Behavior
    We respect other members, and players, WN or not. There will be no name-calling, ingame and in any forum, no harassing, no threatening, no spamming. But boy do we love ingame taunts ! xD

    Last but not least, all members are to be 13 years old or higher.
    More detail can be found at -
    If you qualify all of our Laws, then there's nothing between you and the fun you seek in our community.

    Now that you know what we expect of you, here are what we provide to you in return.

    A community, a forum - Great place to meet other fellow members apart from ingame. Great resource and a very helpful place to all members. We run our own events and contest every now and then, winners get rewards, obviously.
    Communication, XFire clan, Voice Chat servers - All we have are at your disposal. Teamspeak? Ventrilo? X-Fire? Contacting other members, be it for some questions, or help, is easy.
    Fun, - Isn't this is what we all seek when playing games?
    Support - We do not care if you're a hardcore gamer, or casual gamer, or a player with completely no gaming experience, we're here to help, as long as you desire to learn from us.

    So, now if you're interested to join us, there are steps to be followed.

    I hope you read all the way down here before rushing to register, because most application we receive lack of details we need and get denied.

    - If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you check out our Laws page first, just so you don't accidentally violate any of our Laws, it's a bad impression.

    *Note* You are welcome to play ingame with us before you register on our forum, just so you have time to decide and make up your mind.

    - Your forum username must start with 'WNx'.
    - Your Referrer, in this case, is me, 'WNxPyrasia'. Referrer is important, without it, no one will vouch for your application, and your application will not get approved. If someone else recruit you, you will put that person as your Referrer.
    - The game you're going to join, however, is going to be 'Development : Others'. The reason is that because we're just starting ROHAN section. When we get enough people interested in joining us, we will have our own section, our own forum. We are now in starting process for ROHAN.
    - After all is done, don't forget to activate your account via the email we will send to you.
    - Then contact your Referrer, let him/her know of your forum username. And he/she will make a vouch for your application.
    - And then you will be accepted into our forum officially
    - This is the link to join us, only continue if you agree to all our Laws.

    You can contact us by........
    1. X-Fire: This program is what we officially use as a main method of communication. Most of WN members use this program. My contact is wnxdarkangel007. When you add me, please be informative, don't make me guess who you are, you tell me.

    2. Our Neutral Ground: Post here if you have have question in general and check it back for replies, many WN members can answer there.

    We will be looking forward to seeing you with us