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Lost CD-Key UT3

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    Lost CD-Key UT3

    Hi all,

    at thirst, im not very good in englisch.

    I bought Unreal Tournament 3 Collectors Edition from amazon a time ago.
    Now I wanted to reinstal it, but i couldn´t find the cd key
    I have all the other stuff like the game and the bonus disc, the art booklet, also the key for the special character and the invoice sent by amazon via email.
    But i just can´t find this damned booklet with the cd key!

    So how can i get my key back? I don´t believe that amazon would send me a new one, since the old key worked well.
    I also don´t know how to contact the epic support, since i nowhere could find an email-adress and midway doesn´t seems to suppoert UT 3 ( ).

    So can anyone help me?

    You can go to Midway for support, just contact them