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CBP3 VCTF TheDig Paladin Bug

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    CBP3 VCTF TheDig Paladin Bug

    Hi all

    Here I wish to illustrate a bug in the new map CBP3-VCTF-TheDig. Very good map, but it is clearly designed so that the Paladin and other vehicles cant get to the flag. But, it is still possible.

    Hence the following link is a youtube video I have made illustrating this. I wished to publish this at the CBP3 forums, but the confirmation email (which i need to post) was not being sent to my email)

    Paladin Bug Youtube Video

    I have created this in the slim hope that it can be changed now before too widespread.

    What's your user name? I'll resend your confirmation email.


      Its not unlike the tank in Containment. You can manipulate the steering to use the structural features to your advantage.

      These vehicles were designed specifically to overcome difficult barriers. I would have expected the Paladin to be able to accomplish this task easier due to its wheels all having independent suspension.

      Certainly nothing a good long bow can't resolve.


        Yeah, you can do that with the tank and hellbender in containment, tank and scorp in Downtown (over barrier and to nade level at prime nodes), Hellbender to flag in Cargo, and a few others like nightshade to flag level in Necropolis.

        Each give the team a great advantage (esp Hellbender on containment, hell difficult! as only a manta or raptor can get to it, and theabove area is enclosed makeing it difficult to attacck and the enemy normally swarming with avrils before you can do 800 damage)

        Hopefully it can be avoided in this map.


          I would easier to just put vehicle blocking all over the base.