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    Originally posted by karat View Post
    just purchased ut3 i have a geforce 7300 latest drivers, and amd x2 5200+ black edition cpu, 2gig mem, op sys vista. my game graphics are not what they look like on the box, there dull and blocky, and it keeps sticking. got new patch no different. do i need to update my gcard, if so what do i need to make game play right, not too expensive?

    A few years ago it cost 50 dollars to buy a half gig of ram but that is no longer the case. You can double your ram for around 55 dollars and i would suggest doing so. I recently ordered a computer and opted for more ram as i have access to one with only 3 gigs and it still feels sluggish.


      Originally posted by Zera View Post
      YAY 500$ for gfx... woohoo who doesnt want to break his bank.
      not to mention 200$ for the new psu to power it
      if you can hold out though 1 month after the 4870x2 comes out something greater will be out for only 549$!!

      how about you buy something now and use it now, screw the future it'll be outdated 2 hours after it hits the market anyways.
      In my opinion there is no point to spending 500 dollars on a graphics card. by the time games come out to utilize it you could buy another card to replace your aging one. Computer parts tend to half in value every year or so and thus youre wasting money.


        uhh yeah, thats why I have yet to spend over $200 for a video card. I buy a new one every year, and this year its a record because im gonna buy another new one >_> just because I like having ones....
        The 4850 or 9800GTX should be fast enough for the games coming out next year and they are both $200ish. (Im picking up a 4850 soon)