UT3 is a really cool game and I love how they went back to the UT99 basics. But there's always room for improvement. So what are some thing YOU want to see in Unreal Tournament 4?

- More modes (Bombing Run, Assault, Domination, etc)

- More guns (I say go crazy and have like 30-40 guns, maybe even have gun modifiers that you could pick up to alter how it each weapon fires)

- More acrobatic feel (Jumping off walls crazy UC2 style)

- More vehicles (Again go nuts with 30 vehicles or so)

- Create your character from scratch (Not just customize pre made ones)

- All the classic maps back plus new ones (That way no one will say, man I miss Lava Giant, etc)

- Adrenaline powers?

- Destructable enviroments (Imagine blowing a hole through a wall to escape in CTF)

- Real campaign.