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Funniest thing someone ever said while playing UT3

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    The funniest thing i have ever said to someone is

    "you need a seeing eye dog, i hear your mother is available"


      Lol, not any one specific thing, but a couple of nights ago my buddy Phoenix and I were playing on Greed Server 1 and ran into a guy with well... a very fragile emotional state and a very short temper.

      I often swap teams to even up games because I know how it feels to be on a sucky team. However, when I've invested 90% of the game on a certain team and someone starts whining asking me to swap when my team has 86 skulls I'm not going to oblige that.

      Well, this is what happened with one player named JUST_THE_TIP. He asked us to switch (well.. "complained" us to switch). I told him I'd be happy to switch next round if it was uneven again, but that I will not switch this late in a game, that he'd have to ask earlier than the last inning.

      Apparently he was REALLY frustrated by losing this one game, and wasn't afraid to show it. He starts calling us egotistical maniacs and all sorts of names. Next round he says I'm a liar for not swapping and starts cursing me. I tell him that I don't just switch by default and that he'd have to ask on a map-by-map basis. He had pretty much established that he was a grade-A ******** at that point. Still, for the sake of his teammates I was willing to switch. But, he was too much of a jerk for me to want to help him and didn't stop insulting us as he was trying to get us to switch.

      lol, then my friend Phoenix lets loose this comment:

      At that point all bets were off and we just told him how powerful our pokemon were and how awesome our pokemon card collections were.


        Lol to be honest I found JUST_The_TIP's response to your friend's comment to be hilarious.


          HAHAHA! The response

          Well in UT2k4, I had similar experience to the one in the first post. It was iCTF on the Bridge of fate and some players were lagging badly. Ppl were complaining "Your ping is too high" or "fix your ping". Then one of the lagging players asked "How do i fix my ping?" He got answers like "Stop downloading porn" and the guy kept asking the same question over and over. Then i replied to him "To fix your ping you have to press Alt+F4." Surprisingly, about five people left the game at the same time. I was laughin my a$$ of but then someone asked "Do i have to press "alt" "+" and "F4" or only "alt" and "F4"?" After that he got answered by one of the spectators "Only alt and F4" and the guy left too. BFU's


            Originally posted by ZzyzX View Post
            "Press Alt-Control-Delete for free Redemmers!"
            how does this make you leave the game/server? just minimizes it.


              Originally posted by bi()ha2ard View Post
              how does this make you leave the game/server? Just minimizes it.
              owwwned !!!!! ))