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Can ANYONE explain? (any platform,admins plz?)

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    Have the ratings/stats ever worked for this series? (And are people actually concerned about this junk?)


      i think ppl missed the point... ive never heard anyone OFFICIALLY explain this to us... so just throwing an example out there and hoping someone can explain?

      everyone else got off topic in general discussion about elo...

      if ranks 1-4 play ranks 3000 can they keep rank...


        Originally posted by Shadow Dancer View Post
        Have the ratings/stats ever worked for this series? (And are people actually concerned about this junk?)
        to answer your question, yes they work to a certain degree... the problem is there's no skill filter amongst hosting options... maybe epic should consider a system that placed everyone in the top 100 (just examples here)... in a certain category/classification... anytime you hosted, you could specify if it was manditory to have a certain skill level to join... booted stats, games left before ended, etc etc should take effect as well. multiple accounts allowed in one game defeats the purpose of having a ranking system that's incomplete such as elo.. IF multiple accounts per console are allowed then limit the RANKED users on it to one per console?
        i think epic's intentions were in the right place here, i just think time spent on clan support would have been a much wiser investment. the ability to have 10000 accounts/console is ridiculous because of all the juveniles that abuse it.


          Originally posted by KlLLiNg_SpRee View Post
          benfica if you could hear me mock you, i'd do it. please keep away from the KNOW IT ALL attitude about elo
          Dude, where do you see a "KNOW IT ALL" attitude ? I'm interested and trying to understand it myself. Ok, hold on ...



            people please ... the stats are fu**ed up ... dont even look at them ...

            Your skill in game is important, and you cannot read up the skill of someone in the stats. Thats nearly impossible with the CURRENT STATS of epic.

            Make a sticky where you ask an admin how the ranking works ... and tell others not to explain ... =)


              All I know is that in chess, where ELO is most developed, when you play against people who do not have a comparable ELO to you, then it is disregarded.

              As to the OP, people are trying to help you explore the issue here. Epic are not going to give you an answer because you feel like insulting those who are trying to help, and repeating the question endlessly.

              Lastly, what is pretty obvious is that if you want to be top ranked, you have to play for stats. So the no 1 player is going to be
              a. Pretty cagey about how he does it.
              b. Is not going to play in games where his method of being no 1 is going to fail, causing his rank to drop.

              Personally I can't seem my stats because enemydown restrics a search to 50 players, and my short name doesn't come up!