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I've Got a Few Issues With UT3...

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    I've Got a Few Issues With UT3...

    I love the Unreal series. I purchased and played every game since Unreal. But recently, I've become worried about where the game is going. Here is an excerpt of a reddit post that I made in a fit of rage. The question was, "What's your favorite videogame?" Here is my response:

    "Unreal, it's what got me into gaming. The solitary storyline and simple gameplay made it perfect as a first real game. I'm not in love with where the series is going now (I'm looking at you UT3) It seems like UT3 is striving to be as much like Gears of War as it can. I call it, the Gearsification of Unreal Tournament. Perhaps I'll write a book on it one day. Or perhaps I'll write a book on it in a reddit post, right now. It all started when Gears of War came out. Everyone loved it, especially the Halo junkies and Xbox maniacs. The jocks of the nerd culture would rant and rave about their precious Gears [of War]. "ZOMG" they'd say, "I totally just chainsawed you!!!" But little did we know that the Gears style would poison the previously untainted well of UT awesomeness. After UT2k4, everyone was ready for more of the series. "ZOMG, UT3 will be so AWESOME!!!" we would say. But lo and behold, cliffyb got drunk one night and made all the characters and maps way too huge. The veins were popping out of their necks in a pornographic display of testosterone laden madness, as if the manliness of the game would somehow enhance the testicular fortitude of the scrawny gamers who played it. Our beloved cliffyb could not see that UT gamers are not the same as Gears gamers. Not only that, but it doesn't run for ****. Hell, I could run UT2k4 on my mom and dad's machine from years before it came out. An fx5200 was all it took. Nowadays, I need frickin 8 graphics cards to run it on the lowest settings at 640x480 . . . "

    Here is a response I made to a person in the same thread:

    " I'm not saying that UT is ripping off Gears. I'm saying that ever since Gears was such a big success, . . . [Epic] has made the visual style of UT3 more and more like Gears of War. This transformation was actually taking place before Gears even came out. But since Gears has come out, the speed at which the characters ooze testosterone has increased at an alarming rate. Here's an image for dramatic effect:

    Imagine what Malcolm will look like in UT4. Hell, his limbs won't fit in his clothes anymore. The same thing is happening with the weapons and the levels. How big does stuff have to be to call it a good game? And the whole thing where they try to tie in a story with the tournament idea? Not on my watch. If Gears hadn't done so well with a story, then we probably would have had our beloved bracket based tournament again. But no, UT3 has adopted the nauseatingly bad cutscenes that made Gears of War tough to play through. Not because the game was hard, but because I vomited at every cutscene. I had a bucket and everything. "Jesus, another cutscene??! HURRGHG!!!"

    It's no wonder the game was a commercial failure."

    And here is a response from another disgruntled gamer from the same thread:
    "I've been an avid Unreal fan since the original Unreal, I have played all the iterations and sequels.. UT99 had the best UI of any game of all time. Then they decided, lets go for a console UI and it has been all downhill. The final blow was this absolutely horrid UI for UT3...

    All Mark says is "We worked really hard on this ui and I think it's great." Well guess ****ing what Mark... IT'S GOD DAMNED MOTHER ****ING TRASH. Everyone outside of Epic games has SAID it's trash. You're retarded *** seems to be in denial. I'd like to stomp your ****ing face until you admit it's the trash, you KNOW it is. This ****ing UNworkable PoS UI was made for CONSOLES, and lacks ANY good functionality. YOU FAIL AT PC GAMING MARK. Consoles are **** for FPS gaming, hell epic even admitted to SLOWING the game down 30% for PS3/Xbox.. That's right 1/3 of the speed that makes UT UT.. gone. Now it's like turbo Halo rather than UT3. If Epic does this on the next game in the series, I will never buy an Epic game or Unreal Engine game again. (So please take an extra long time to make the next iteration, because I know you're going to **** **** up and I want to at least play Bio Shock 2)"

    I'm afraid that I must agree with this poster. I don't think I will purchase the next iteration if it continues to go in this direction. And not only are all these things mostly true, but my brother also felt that Malcolm is superstereotypically black. I mean come on epic. Does every black person in a videogame have to be from East Compton?

    I know I'm probably gonna get ranted at by all the UT3 lovers out there, but I just figured that since the developers appear to read these forums, perhaps they would take note at what some gamers think. Thank you for your time.