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    Yeah, I'm really hoping that this little event will get EVERYONE playing more custom maps, and be good for ALL custom servers, not just our server.

    We just felt like we had to do *something* because, honestly, how long can a community survive on 6 stock maps, only three of which are played frequently?

    So hey, try to get everyone from BGE over there. We definitely welcome BGE with open arms.

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    Nice list there, we have a couple on our server as well, I love Custom Maps, I mean with only have 6 stock maps, customs are like crack for me now lol.

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    hi cool idea hope pll will now play more costummaps i play costum all the time i will be there but not att your time lol why not on a saterday

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  • [PC] VCTF Custom Map Party, TODAY! RIGHT NOW! ALL DAY!

    This is TODAY! JOIN US!

    To help kick start the custom map scene in VCTF, we're hosting a Sunday BBQ at our server!

    We're running a whole bunch of custom maps, so hopefully it will finally help start prying all of our fingers off of Suspense / Necropolis / Sandstorm!

    "But Void," I'm sure you're saying, "custom vctf maps in UT3 are like 50 Mb each. man! That's like 10 minutes of downloading between every map! That's a good hour or two of wasted time staring at a downloading percentage! I have no interest in that BS!"

    I couldn't agree with you more.
    Get this file instead:

    That's all the maps we're running (at the moment) in one convenient (albeit huge) zip file. You can download that right now while you're just cruising around your forums.

    Once it's done downloading, you dump all the files into a specific folder on your computer (there's details in a readme file in the the package), and you're ready to go! No more downloading!

    This party is, in no way whatsoever, meant to detract from the VCTF Mixer, or any tournaments that are going on. To the best of my knowledge, nothing from the Mixer is happening on that Sunday, and we all very happily support the Mixer. Anything that helps bring the community together and show support is a good thing in my book!

    So, get that zip file, get all prepped, and we'll see you on that Sunday!
    Bring all your UT friends, we're really depending on the community to make this a success!


    What: Sunday BBQ! No tournament, just a big ol' pub frag fest! Come on by! Bring the kids!

    Date: Sunday June 29th

    Time: ALL DAY (will probably peak in the evening, like most servers)

    Server Name: FlagsAndFrags VCTF BBQ CUSTOM MAP PARTY!!! [TH] [UTF]

    Custom maps we're running (and are in that zip file):
    VCTF-AggressiveAlleys3(Hot).ut3 01-Jun-2008 08:30 72M
    VCTF-AggressiveAlleys3(Wet).ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 64M
    VCTF-AggressiveAlleysClassic.ut3 25-Apr-2008 22:52 41M
    VCTF-Alpine.ini 23-Apr-2008 15:46 222
    VCTF-Alpine.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 74M
    VCTF-AltasCity.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 43M
    VCTF-AncientFortressLV.ut3 21-Jun-2008 09:44 25M
    VCTF-ArenaOfDeath.ut3 12-Feb-2008 19:19 13M
    VCTF-Avalanche-v2.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 50M
    VCTF-Badlands.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 81M
    VCTF-COD.ut3 09-May-2008 09:41 48M
    VCTF-CanalWarfare.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 42M
    VCTF-Celotex.ut3 09-May-2008 09:41 16M
    VCTF-CraterMiningCamp.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 36M
    VCTF-Dune.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 82M
    VCTF-DustBowl.ut3 26-Nov-2007 19:39 8.0M
    VCTF-FeelGoodInc.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 11M
    VCTF-Harbour.ut3 09-May-2008 09:42 49M
    VCTF-KlinikaResemblance.ut3 01-Jun-2008 08:30 28M
    VCTF-Megastructure.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 57M
    VCTF-Megastructure_SE.ut3 02-Jun-2008 17:24 59M
    VCTF-Sacrilege.ut3 15-Jun-2008 19:06 53M
    VCTF-Satellite-V2.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 24M
    VCTF-Slax][.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 15M
    VCTF-Snowbound.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 49M
    VCTF-SpeedTomb][.ut3 01-Jun-2008 08:30 19M
    VCTF-Suspense-Necris.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 55M
    VCTF-Torlan_v1_0_9.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 77M
    VCTF-TwilightZone.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 27M
    VCTF-WGS-Altitude.ut3 23-Apr-2008 21:20 34M
    VCTF-[sWs]-NoParkingV2.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 19M
    vCTF-IceRC.ut3 23-Apr-2008 15:46 42M
    vCTF-Luracia.ut3 22-Jun-2008 00:48 45M
    vCTF-Timberland.ut3 23-Apr-2008 21:39 17M
    vctf-TritonArena.ut3 07-May-2008 18:38 36M

    If you have questions, comments, concerns, let me know! Here, or on x-fire: thevoidutf