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    Originally posted by RoadKillGrill View Post
    Thank you for defining AIM ASSIST

    The Xbox360 is 350$ + 50$ a year subscription for 3 years(about the tech life of the console) = 500$
    thats aim desist. it helps in no way. We have to aim our shocks snipes rockets our everything

    and you quoted me out of context, using only the part that justified your opinion.


      Originally posted by K7L33THA View Post
      Beats upgrading your PC every 4 months.
      Who upgrades their systems every 4 months? The only thing I add every 4 months is hard drives and that has nothing to do with gaming.

      Originally posted by Phantaci View Post
      you quoted me out of context, using only the part that justified your opinion.
      Of course I did, , I forgot the mention the large hitboxes too, that must also desist you.


        yeah they put in the aim assist, slower gameplay, and bigger hitboxes so it would make the game more challenging because it was too easy for console players.


          Don't drink and drive kids.


            really why all the double posts?


              Hey by the way love the game, but could you make it better so other ppl will play?

              Thanks again.


                Double Posting is not cool kids.
                Stay in school.
                Thanks again.


                  Originally posted by NoNameAirman View Post
                  I wanted to say something witty but Esteem's comment is top notch. Plus the last time I said something rude I was sent a warning. WOW like the FORUMS are my life and if I get banned it will ruin my life. This is serious Esteem take it as so damnit.

                  Oh yeah and those with Consoles have small Penises. Thanks and have a nice day.

                  what else can I say, WHERE THE **** IS THE LINUX CLIENT????????????
                  Oh you poor PC guys, what will happen to you when consoles rule the world?

                  Get with the times my friends, Epic has.

                  I understand completely that the PC is "better". Its also way more expensive and therefore SHOULD be better.

                  But to harp on analog stick aiming is as stale as it is pointless, and its not going away. So get used to it.


                    The funny part is you think you are important. That your comment in going to mean something to someone. I was just Fishing and your dumbass took the bait. gg

                    Deadaim got smart the rest will come in due time. Money means nothing, PS3 is what $500 everyone has a PC or you would not be on this site. Add a Video Card and a GB of memory for 500 bucks and you have a gaming PC. SO shut the **** up and eat your worms.

                    Lets see the PS3 community create some Maps, oh wait you need a PC to do that.

                    This Game runs on a $300 emachine with a Video Card upgrade, yeah I want to own a PS3.


                      Once it launches I will get TC to support both solo and teams, can't wait for this game :O


                        Originally posted by SeRpEnT_SiCkNeSs View Post
                        all the real comp. is on pc disappoints me to think that console players deserve everything top notch when the skill is on pc.
                        First off I play both. I agree that the better skilled players may be on the PC, but the money just isnt there anymore. The video game industry is just like any other business. You put the most work into the place where you will get the largest return. Nowadays its the console. Sadly. I think the biggest draws of a console is the amount of players playing online, and the fact that 95% of the consoles are created equal.(except modded consoles) On the PC you have some people running perfectly smooth at 60+fps, and there are some people running 30fps and below. It varies a whole lot on the PC.

                        PS: I didnt post this to defend console or PC. I posted it to just provide the truth of why console games are outselling their PC game brothers. IMO.