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How do I patch the game?

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    How do I patch the game?

    I don't see an update button. Do I have to go play a game online first to get the game to patch. Also what is vsync? Will that make the graphics look better?

    Thanks new to UT3

    PS3 or PC?

    I dunno about the PS3 but for PC dont u just download the Patch and then install it?


      PC...I just installed the game so maybe it does it with out me seeing it?


        Ah you mean an auto-update?

        Well i dunno lulz...never heard o such thing

        but heres the patch them and install them:

        Patch 1.1:

        Patch 1.2:

        Patch 1.3 is coming out...soon


          Ok will patch 1 and 2 and wait and see how patch 3 plays out. What do these two patches do? They should have an automated system that checks your game to see if it's up to date. Do they list their patches on their website? What do these two patches do?



            A patch fixes certain probs in the games and stuff...and tweaks other stuff..

            yea :P


              vsync is the the syncing between your monitors refresh rate and the actual frames you see on screen while playing 3d games. (higher you have it set to through the display drivers, the better...mine is an lcd so it is set to 60.......number also depends on what your video card can handle and what resolution you play your games on) If it is 'on' it supposed to make the game smoother but increases lag. It is recommended to set it to 'off' for better performance. And no, it doesn't make the graphics look better, it's just supposed to smooth out the animations and rotation of the camera etc. On a side note: if you play in windowed mode, vsync doesn't do anything, it automaticaly syncs to your desktop refresh (basicaly it's 'on'.)