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Regonize a Player ps3/pc/360

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    Regonize a Player ps3/pc/360

    Hey whats up everyone i just got on the forums and i wanted to regonze some players I'd been playing with. You can do the same for you people too dont matter what console either. This is my first thread and second post so LEts do it. cause YOu Can Do ITttttt!!!!!!!!

    So i'll go first

    Danjel8 - A great player and is super good in VCTF love playing with him hate playing against him.

    TWC_Lunchy - hate playing against in Warfare he is a warfare 1337. Has some great moves with the mine on Avalanche

    Bab89 - When I played with Bab he is a great player and he has some good defensive skills.

    Helsceam - A Tank Machinne it's like he was born in it. A 1337 player for sure. hope to see him on more.

    GOW_Nootsac - another 1337 player in Warfare. Is one of the best and has a very powerful clan

    EllisSno - Omg the defense King. I hear him talking about his cat and mouse it's so hard to run 3 feet when he is playing and you grab the flag. above 1337

    ForceOfGod - every time i pla your Insta i seem to not live as long defentily a 1337. Also love your videos on GB.

    Jorgelis - can you say mini helscream this guy pwns in a tank so watch out.

    Wolvie - Is he a master in disguise? I think so he knows his stuff on warfare always a challenge always.



      Raulcheap - TDM pwner for life here my kill death ratio gets hit big any time i come in. Qcp is a great clan a real line up of talented TDMacthers.

      ATXbroKen - Sometimes a mental breakdown throws you into crappy games like NCAA08. But your one of the funniest players i played with and personally i hate the fact that your not with TWC.

      Do_Or_Die_420 - Playing with makes my day i know then i have someone reliable to play with. 1337 for sure. And an expert at 420 if you get what i mean.


        Sup man what's your name on the ps3 so i can recognize who this is?


          Arkos315 - What the heck do you eat spinach where did you come from? a King turning into 1337 i'd say always a pleasure

          ICE_KllingSpree - CTF 1337 1337 1337 1337 all the translocator kills youve hit me with AHHHHHH. Tam ICE pls dominate on the 360.

          Tailsnakes - CTF 1337 1337 7331 7331 1337 I think personaly your The best team ICE player because youve killed me the most.

          Deadaim - GReat TDMer Great QM Great Etc Etc ETc Etc Etc Etc 1337 for LIFE you ARE!!!!!!!!!

          XxBioSoakerxX - VCTF king and a great player that is cool to play with. you'll be a 1337 soon very soon

          XxChrisxX - another VCTF King so to beeee 1337 everytime I play with him I get one weapon LOngBow

          Lanky - yes I've been around that long I will always be a rival. But you were great and i miss the matches

          CoolDave - Omg its Cooldave do you know how much i hate seeing Cooldave is on a killing spree. Thanks for all the great matches you 1337 and QM

          LukeC7 - !#@# #$%% you @#$%$ 5%^^^ PWNER @#$#$% 5^%^& you @$% %^^ 1337 @#$#$ @#$ hate @#$$ loosing @#$ 2 You Your a Pro and a 1337


            DesertBlackcat - I always Hated playing you and your crew remember the days when you were just a three man crew HAHAHAH Ohh well I know your Original ACCT always remember that young one turned into a 1337

            PolarBlackcat - You are the reason I hated raptors and mantas and vipers and nemises because you always killed mine. I first meet you as AxinstinctXK you were always a 1337.

            ArcticBlackcat - I dont see you anymore anywhere what happend? Anyone know? you have the sickest viper i remember I hated dueling em with you.

            jpinator - ohh she is funny i love playing with her she's a girl that will always kick me a$$ and I'll enjoy it. One time i now this really funny story and i'll bet she'll blush. hehehehe

            Techniec - 1337 very talented love seeing you in GOW always have great matches. You have some Skillz to get the KillZ

            GhostofAlcurd - I know you go by a different name but to me you'll always be a ghost. although your a king in Warfare I've seen you at your best and you step up for the challenge


              BiggWill2121 - WHYYYYY did you leave QCp nooooo It cant be. I always loved playing with you in their matches now i can hardley understand the french one. youre a 1337 but pls mortal kombat 2 is dead.

              ICE_Potato - I think you are the backbone of ICE You could easily dominate in any 2 v 2 1337

              ICe_Tomato - I think your the BackBone of Ice you could easily dominate in any 2 v 2 1337

              DeadNova - whered you go? i still tink your like 15 even though you say differently. I loved playing with you you kept things simple WIN