everyone try to add the multiple renditions of my name..

the correct acct is spelled: ice_kLLLingspree

however 2 others i found: Lce_killingspree, and ice_killingspree

************************************************** *

this really tops lame... someone's created fake accounts that look like my name.

when adding a friend case sensitivity isn't needed, that's why i used lowercase i's and uppercase l's - you'll know the correct spelling of these alternate accounts..

i've already seen 2 fake pics of people beating me in duels...

people wonder whats happening to the ps3 community? anyone willing to stoop this low, spend so much time to replicate my character really needs to get a life..

(thanks for the lesson though, i'll be sure to make names that cannot be replicated in the future)
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EPIC: PLEASE PLEASE consider this b4 the 360 version drops, if it's not too late.. put an end to this multiple account per console "problem" please??

[edit] i do have multiple accounts but never use them in this manner - anytime i play an opponent i'm familiar with - he/she knows it's me